The Most Chill Vacations You Could Ever Want, When You're A Low-Key Kind Of Girl

When you're a low-key kind of girl, rest and relaxation is always on your mind. You spend your days dreaming about cozy atmospheres like your bed on a rainy Sunday morning, or a bubble bath with candles and a good book. Yes, you've found a lot of ways to be content right at home, so wanderlust is not quite a priority. You're still totally into traveling, and truly love exploring the planet, too. But, you'd rather take the most chill vacations, that fit right in with your low-key lifestyle.

Leave the bustling city streets and nightlife for someone else. That sort of destination just isn't in the cards for you this summer. Anywhere with a beach, or just a couple of cute coffee shops you can hang in for awhile during the afternoon is much more your scene. You'd rather the neon lights point you to ice cream instead of clubs, and will always pack a pair of sneakers as opposed to heels.

You may have already talked to your girls about planning some trips, but they want to hit up the bars in Barcelona, and go on the most adventurous vacations that likely include hiking many mountains. You've considered hanging back, or just need some other places to pitch to the group. These seven travel spots will be everything you're looking for.

Nantucket, Massachusetts
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Set your sights on pastel sunsets and cute cottages in Nantucket, Massachusetts for a vacation that'll be one for the books. Being low-key means you're likely in love with the beach, and don't need the waves of the West Coast in order to be happy and sun-kissed. On any given day, you're down to lounge and soak your feet into the sand and surf.

You and your girls will want to rent a place to stay right near the cozy shores, and maybe even go biking around the island. There are so many cute beach towns on the East Coast that are worth at least a long weekend. But, this destination may just have to be on the top of your bucket list if you love being low-key.

Boulder, Colorado
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You better believe that Boulder, Colorado is a pretty rad spot to get away for a bit. Located at the base of the Rocky Mountains, this city is known for being creative and completely laid-back. You'll likely spend your mornings on the trails and soaking up the sun, before heading to a craft brewery in the afternoon for a well-deserved beer.

Don't forget to take a walk down Pearl Street for shopping and street artists you won't want to miss. After all of those hectic weeks at work, your wanderlust and lifestyle is in need of a new city like this.

Napa Valley, California
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Rosé all day? In Napa Valley, California, wine is never out of the question. You may have heard about this place thanks to classic movies like The Parent Trap, and dreamed about the 'Grams you'd get in the vineyards. Yes, this trip will surely be a grape time. Not to mention, it's totally suitable for you and your chill lifestyle.

Sip on this: You're hanging on the West Coast. But, instead of taking a road trip down the Pacific Coast Highway, you're snuggled up under the stars with your favorite cabernet. You may check out the BottleRock music festival or make a stop in Los Angeles on your way home. Otherwise, this vacation is all about vino and finding bliss in your favorite bottles.

Maui, Hawaii
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Have you seen Hawaii, yet? Girl, if you're in love with living life low-key, then you already know the islands are all you need. Actually, if we're being honest, ever since you watched Moana on one of those rainy days, you've been dreaming about tropical places. Finding waterfalls and the most picturesque spots to swim will sooth your soul and make for a pretty chill vacation overall.

So, pack up your bathing suits and sunscreen. The perk of traveling to where the weather is warm is not having to worry about lugging around heavy sweaters. Thank goodness, because you weren't ready to deal with that fuss just for a vacation!

Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Being low-key doesn't necessarily mean you can't take your travels out of the country. In fact, there are so many international places that are pretty perfect for you. Are you surprised?

Amsterdam is a city with a lot going on, but also the most chill atmosphere. When I studied abroad, I spent a few days in this place and fell in love with the random ferris wheels in the squares, and quaint breakfast places that sit along the canals. You can rent a bike and get around the city just like the locals do, or wander and see where your own feet take you. Be sure to check out the Van Gogh Museum and the "I Amsterdam" sign.

Alberta, Canada
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Checking out Alberta, Canada will probably be the most adventurous thing you do this year, but it'll be so worth it. Even chill girls need to get out and experience everything Earth has to offer, and doing some exploring is always better than hitting up the bars (in your rather low-key opinion.)

Alberta is home to Banff National Park and the city of Calgary. You'll want to make time for both during your trip, to truly get the most out of your wanderlust. Your 'Gram is asking for a picture where you're posed with the bright blue water of Lake Louise, and who knows what kind of wildlife you may see along the way. Get ready — it's going to be good.

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Your average beach day will get a serious upgrade in Belize. You've thought about heading to the Caribbean, or maybe even taking a cruise. But, Central America honestly has everything you're looking for and can be incredibly low-key. You could get caught up in checking out the rainforest and reefs, or just relax under the palms with your people. Staying at a place like the Turtle Inn, with spas and pools surrounded by gardens, will truly turn this vacation into a hot date with paradise.

Only a true traveler will check some things off her bucket list this summer. Lucky for you, you can live your low-key lifestyle while following your wanderlust, so that you can say you've taken some pretty sweet vacations, too.