The Meaning Of The Libra Blue Moon Is Beautiful, But It Could Come With A Catch

When a second full moon happens in one month, it's a rare and special event. On March 31, 2018, we'll experience just that with a blue moon in Libra. Your deepest desires will be made apparent and the peak of your energy levels will be experienced. Whatever seeds you planted on the new moon a couple of weeks ago will be ready for harvest; all the thoughts, feelings, and dreams you had will finally sprout into something powerful. Although the full moon is always a dynamic time, there are complications in the sky that make the meaning of the Libra blue moon more complex. It might not be as easy and breezy as you would have hoped.

You might want to take it easy this month — relax with your besties and a case of Blue Moon to honor this celestial event. It's during a full moon that the truth feels nearly impossible to hide. Reflecting energy from the sun in Aries, this full moon will be ruthless when unearthing darkness in your life that you might rather remain ignorant of. Because this full moon lies in balanced and harmonious Libra, you may feel a desperate pull to make up for lost time, to solve every problem there is to solve. However, there are planetary aspects to this full moon that might make its effect on you even more stressful than usual. Before we can all come together and overcome this negative energy, we must first take a moment to understand it.

The Full Moon Opposes Mercury Retrograde

If you didn't already know, we're in the midst of one of the most intense astrological phenomenas of all time: Mercury retrograde. Known for causing communication issues, technological errors, and trouble with transportation, it's a force to be reckoned with.

The energy from Mercury's fury is opposing our full moon in Libra, creating an even deeper divide between your emotional heart and your logical mind. You'll be feeling a lot of profound feelings — it'll just be harder to understand what they are, and therefore, you might not know how to explain them.

This can instill you with a sense of recklessness. You'll be filled to the brim with energy and passion but you might not know what to do with it. Arguments and disagreements can ensue under these conditions so remain mindful of your impulses. Try to channel your energy into something positive so that it doesn't run rampant.

The Full Moon Squares Saturn

In astrology, Saturn rules over inhibitions and boundaries. When it squares the full moon in Libra, you may feel like putting a lid on your true feelings and swallowing them back. However, this only causes pressure to build within your heart as your instincts keep piling on top of each other, suppressed. You may feel lonely with a strange, dark world you've created inside yourself. Reaching out to someone who might shine a light on your shadows may feel out of the question. Instead, you'll feel like pretending nothing is wrong, like the darkness doesn't exist.

It's OK to feel abnormal. It's perfectly fine to feel nothing like your usual self. Remember that your idea of what is and isn't socially acceptable, of what your outward appearance is supposed to look like, is completely in your head. You don't have to be happy-go-lucky all the time. You don't owe that to the world.

The Full Moon Squares Mars

Mars rules over our most primal desires, our most carnal instincts. When the sensitive full moon in Libra squares aggressive Mars, it's bound to instill you with a wild sense of urgency. You might feel like conquering every opportunity in your vicinity, like winning every competition you come across, like taking every chance you can find to prove your worth. This volatility may create tension in your relationships and even alienate others from your inexhaustible fire. If you can concentrate your vitality on something beneficial and remain conscious of the effect your actions have on the world, it will only catapult you toward success.

It will also wash over your sexuality, making you a lot more in touch with what turns you on the most. You'll want to indulge in your sensual side, connect with someone flesh to flesh, or spend time with your purest essence. This energy needs to be released, one way or another.