The Full Moon In Virgo Will Expose All The Feelings You've Been Trying To Bury

March 2018 is oozing so much planetary magic, you might see stars glowing in your peripheral vision. We've got two full moons this month, one on Mar. 1 and one on Mar. 31, which is considered a blue moon. This is the second time a blue moon has happened in 2018 alone, which is astoundingly rare. If that isn't enough proof that March is special, the astrological meaning behind the full moon in Virgo 2018 on Mar. 1 should definitely change your mind. Prepare for March to be a month that changes everything.

The full moon is always a significant time, as it symbolizes the culmination of the lunar cycle. It's when important periods of our lives come to fruition and we are powered up with a maximum amount of spiritual vitality. In other words, the full moon is when we're able to really make sh*t happen. When it's over, we proceed into the waning moon phase until we reach a new moon, where all our concerns are wiped clean so we can start anew. This process repeats itself, over and over again.

This Virgo full moon will be absorbing its glow from the Sun in Pisces, making for a combination that will revitalize us from inside-out. Virgo is a meticulous earth sign, concerned with details, organization, and planning. Pisces, on the other hand, is a water sign that allows our emotions to pool on the surface, where we can really feel on them. This is why the Virgo full moon will force us to sort through our inner-most feelings and undergo important changes in our lives that will eventually make us happier individuals.

Explore What You’ve Been Lacking

Everything that's not working for you in life will feel especially obvious to you during the Virgo full moon. The job that you can't stand, the one you go to every day on auto-pilot while ignoring your gut feeling that you need to be doing something else. The going-nowhere relationship you're in, the one you just can't bring yourself to leave because you're afraid of being alone. The way you go along with the toxic way your family controls you, just so you can appease them. That boss you're afraid to stand up to, the one who instills fear in you as a form of "motivation." Everything that's weighing you down, no matter what it is, will feel too heavy for you to ignore.

I know it's a lot easier to brush these things under the table, but there's no longer room under the table for your baggage. Facing your fears is always difficult but if you want to grow in life and take your overall well-being to a much better place, you need to look these things dead in the eye and take charge — the Virgo full moon wants you to.

Detox & Cleanse

You might be soaking in some startling realizations about your life during this time. It's difficult enough as it is so don't feel pressured to make any big decisions just yet. Right now, allow yourself time to organize your life in little ways that make a big difference. Something as simple as waxing your eyebrows, getting your taxes done, reading a book, or even just making your bed after you wake up in the morning can do wonders for your mental health.

Also, treat yourself to peace and serenity, wherever you can find it. Take the scenic drive home from work, so you can listen to the entire episode of your favorite podcast. Spend an extra hour cooking a healthy dinner for yourself from scratch. Wake up 15 minutes early in the morning so you can practice some yoga before work.

You have plenty of time to gather the courage to make drastic changes to your life. It doesn't have to happen right now. Let your thoughts take full form before you act on them.

Make A Plan For Your Future Self

Whenever you feel ready, formulate a plan to put these thoughts into action. If you've always wanted to be a dancer, get out there and enroll in a dance class. If you've never left the continental U.S., maybe it's time to finally lay down the groundwork and save up enough money to fly to Europe. If you know your talents aren't being put to good use at your job, perhaps it's time to officially start looking for a new one.

Try to remember not to get overwhelmed here. These improvements in your life take time. As the saying goes, Rome wasn't built in a day. It was built one brick at a time. And you, my dear, are just as magnificent and amazing as Rome. The Virgo moon will help you realize that.