The First Mercury Retrograde Of 2018 Is Coming & Here's What You Need To Know

On Thursday, March 22, the first Mercury retrograde of 2018 will officially be underway. When this major astrological event occurs while Mercury is in a fire sign as brash and volatile as Aries, none of us are safe. Be prepared for miscommunications on the daily, technological breakdowns at the worst possible time, maddeningly awful traffic, and perhaps even a spontaneous visit from your ex. All of these are just the tip of the iceberg for what can go wrong while Mercury appears to be rolling backwards in the sky. For the next three weeks, you might as well just sit back, relax, and watch this sh*tshow go down. I'm telling you: This is going to be amazing(ly terrifying).

As you all well know, things are known for being turned completely upside down during Mercury in retrograde. Since it's the planet that rules over the way we communicate, the sign it's currently in has a lot of influence over the way we behave. Aries is one of the most impulsive and caustic signs in all the zodiac. Those born under this sign move with their gut at lightning speed, rarely taking a moment to second guess themselves. While this makes them inarguably courageous and confident, it can also land them in a mess they could have prevented had they just stopped to think before they act.

You can bet yourself that during this retrograde, all the wild and impulsive energy of Aries will be swirling around us like tornados. Nothing will be as it seems. No one will feel like their usual selves. Stay tuned.

Nothing Will Go As Planned

You really need to remain loose and flexible during Mercury in retrograde because things will more than likely go wrong. Between delayed flights, sleeping through alarm clocks, to quiet dinner parties turning into raucous ragers full of arguments and debauchery — anything could happen. Don't spend too much time planning everything down to the last detail because truthfully, it won't matter. You probably will burn the lasagna in the oven, act like a nervous wreck during your job interview, and show up two hours late to your own birthday party. Mercury loves to stir the pot when it's in retrograde. We're basically characters in a play that Mercury is writing. What's the fun in a story where everything goes as planned?

This is why it's highly advisable that you not sign any contracts or make any permanent decisions until Mercury goes direct. We're way more likely to make errors while this planet is in retrograde. If you end up accidentally signing yourself up for something you really shouldn't have, you can't say you weren't warned.

You’ll Say The First Thing That Enters Your Mind

When Mercury in retrograde happens while Mercury is in Aries, your filter for social awareness might be totally shut off. Instead of thinking that your friend's skirt it totally ugly, you might actually end up cracking a joke about it that hurts her feelings. Whoops!

Try really, really hard to think before you speak for the next few weeks. Something that sounds great in your mind might not sound so brilliant coming out of your mouth. You could divulge important secrets to people you shouldn't trust, make a fool of yourself with jokes that fall flat, and accidentally insult people without meaning to. You also might make promises you definitely can't keep, say things you don't mean, and feel like taping your mouth shut by the time it's all over.

It's important that you forgive others for misunderstandings and apologize when you make mistakes yourself. You're bound to fall victim to some dreaded word vomit. The least you can do is judge yourself and others less harshly.

You May Run Into People From Your Past

And for the grand finale in Mercury retrograde awesomeness: People from your past will show up. Whether you decide to send your ex a few drunken texts out of your own volition or your childhood best friend who you haven't spoken to in years comes back to town, you are likely going to find yourself in some seriously strange social situations.

Why does this happens? The universe probably just enjoys playing cruel tricks on us. However, this also presents an opportunity to get closure in some of your past relationships. Maybe you can finally ask your ex what went wrong that led to the break up. Perhaps your old best friend will let you know that it really hurt her when you guys stopped talking all those years ago.

These experiences may be emotionally painful but they can also be a serious relief, granting you with answers to all the burning questions you've always had. Maybe you'll give these people a second shot. Perhaps you'll be content leaving them in your past. By the time it's all said and done with, you'll know what to do.