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The Super Flower Moon Might Spell Trouble For These 3 Zodiac Signs


Full moons are intense enough as it is. I mean, this is the time of the month in which the sun and moon form an exact opposition, shining a light on your secrets and pushing you closer to your ultimate truth. What could be more intense than that? It's why I take no pleasure in admitting the May 2020 full moon will be the worst for these zodiac signs — Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius — because truth be told, it probably won't be a walk in the park. However, if you're a fire sign, the experience of the Super Flower Moon (the last of 2020) will help you become so much stronger. You might even look back on this time of your life and realize it paved the way for the start of an incredible chapter in your life.

You might associate Scorpio with "transformation," and while that probably sounds beautiful and all, let's unpack the meaning of that, shall we? In order for a transformation to take place, something must be sacrificed, such as your comfort. That's why strength is gained after pain, because the pain helped you build muscle that made you stronger. A transformation can also happen after something comes to an end. For example, a difficult breakup can eventually transform you into a much happier and more independent person. When you think of the word "transformation," you tend to think of the end of the story, when you're finally stronger or happier. You probably don't consider everything that led up to that point, right? However, Scorpio knows all about true transformation and all that it entails. This upcoming full moon will help you transform the areas of your life that need transforming.

Buckle up, because the full moon in Scorpio takes place on May 7 at 6:45 a.m. ET, and here's what the following zodiac signs are in for:


Aries: You're Purging So Much Negativity From Your Life

You're not interested in funny business, Aries. You're ready to get rid of all the negative and toxic energy in your life, freeing yourself from all the attachments that drain your energy. However, this is all easier said than done. Chances are, a lot of these attachments provide you with some form of comfort, whether it be a relationship you can't let go of or a bad habit you can't seem to break. You might feel like you're in over your head, but you're stronger than you think. If you make the commitment to let go of everything no longer serving you, the universe will most certainly come to your aid. You've got this.

Leo: You're Getting In Touch With Your Heart And What It Needs

You might feel incredibly sensitive and emotional under this full moon, Leo. It's as if your heart is being stripped open and all of its contents just keep pouring out of you. While it's not easy to feel this open and vulnerable, you're being shown what matters to you most. If you're not getting what you need from your home environment, your close relationships, or your way of life, it's time to correct these mistakes. You deserve some tender, loving care, and the only person who can truly give you that is you. It's time you start believing you deserve the purest form of unconditional love.

Sagittarius: You Can No Longer Hide From The Ugly Truth

Your intuition is speaking loud and clear, Sagittarius. You can't talk yourself out of the truth this time, because this full moon is shining a light on the skeletons in your closet. Now's the time to set aside the distractions and get to know your true self. Listen to your heart and unpack your feelings by engaging in therapeutic activities such as journaling, meditation, or even just catching up on sleep. It may feel as though difficult memories are returning or old wounds are reopening, but that's only so you can give yourself the space you need to finally heal.