Best March 2021 New Moon

Water Signs Will Have A Magical Experience During March's New Moon

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There's no better time to start something than on the new moon. That's because the new moon represents the beginning of the 28-day lunar cycle that continually ebbs and flows through the cosmic calendar. Think of the new moon as the prologue to a book; the moment where you catch a glimpse of what this book is all about, and yet you still have no clue how it will end. When the new moon takes place, it's as if you and la luna are coming together to write a book of your own. If you trust in the moon's magic, it will only make the start of your story that much more powerful. For the zodiac signs who will have the best March 2021 new moon — Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces — it's bound to be beautiful.

The new beginning this new moon represents starts deep in your heart and spreads throughout your soul. Taking place in compassionate, imaginative, and free-spirited Pisces, this new moon is encouraging you to set aside your ego and embrace universal love. Pisces is a zodiac sign that dissolves boundaries, making it easier to connect with others on a spiritual level and remember that everything is interconnected.

This new moon also forms a conjunction with dreamy and fantastical Neptune, giving this new moon an otherworldly quality. This new moon is inviting you to embrace a more artistic outlook on life, helping you see the beauty in things that you may have once overlooked. Don't be surprised if your dreams are especially active during this time, as Pisces is directly connected to your subconscious realm.

The upcoming new moon takes place on March 13 at 5:20 a.m. ET. Here's why water signs will have a particularly magical experience:


Cancer: You're Feeling The Wind Beneath Your Wings

This new moon is about expanding your horizons, embracing spontaneous interventions, and saying "yes" to opportunities and ideas that are just as terrifying as they are exciting. To put it simply, this new moon represents an exciting adventure for you, Cancer. Whether you embrace the freedom and the spiritual expansion this adventure has in store is up to you, so remember to try to get the most out of life from now on. The universe can bring one exciting opportunity your way after another, but it's up to you to actually take the next step.

Scorpio: You're Reconnecting With Your Your Inner Artist

There's an artist inside you, Scorpio. Whether you've been feeding that artist or starving it has no bearing on its existence. That artist goes nowhere, as it merely waits for you to tap into it and embrace the creativity it offers. This new moon wants you to reconnect with that artist; to let that part of you take the wheel and tell the stories you've always wanted to tell. Being an artist isn't about being perfect, even though you've been told to color inside the lines all your life. Being an artist is about connecting with your spirit. Color outside the lines if that's what your spirit is telling you to do.

Pisces: You're Getting To Know Who You You're Becoming

You're an adaptable zodiac sign, Pisces. After all, you are one of the mutable signs, making you someone who enjoys going with the flow as gracefully as rushing water moves around its surroundings. However, on this new moon, you're encouraged to understand who you are not based on your surroundings, but based on what kind of water you are. Who are you underneath all those many layers? How have you changed from the person you were before? Who do you see yourself becoming? Let the answers come to you. Don't overthink it.

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