March 2021 New Moon is About Universal Love

There's A New Moon Tonight — Here's How Every Sign Can Make The Best Of It

The new moon is the beginning of a beautiful journey that you take every 28 days. This journey is known as the lunar cycle and it has everything to do with your spiritual inner world and how it eventually creates your exterior world. Everything you've created in your life began within your heart and your soul. When the new moon takes place, the internal part of you meshes with who you are on the outside, blending your energies and aligning your instincts. Each new moon carries its own power and mystique, but the March 2021 new moon is immensely magical for so many reasons.

As the lunar cycle ebbs and flows throughout the waxing and waning phases, your soul stirs as it embraces a steady upward climb and an inevitable release and decline. In astrology, the moon is representative of your emotional inner world; the part of you that is not seen by those who don't know and understand you well. When the moon reaches the new moon phase of the lunar cycle, it forms an exact conjunction with the sun. Providing an energetic contrast to the moon, the sun rules over your ego, your character, your identity, and the part of you that shines for all the world to see. However, the way you feel on the inside does not always match the way you seem on the outside. But during the new moon, your inner self and your outer appearances come together. As the moon moves over the sun, they become one.

This provides you with a beautiful canvas on which you can paint something new. Let go of the picture you've been hanging onto and give yourself permission to start dipping into new colors and painting a new one. For all you know, this one could be a masterpiece.

Here's what you need to know about how to make the best of it:

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The New Moon In Pisces Takes Place On March 13 At 5:20 a.m. ET

The upcoming new moon rises in mutable water sign Pisces. This is the last sign in the zodiac wheel, giving you a sense of completion and release as you embrace the fact that you've just experienced a long journey. Now that you've reached the finish line, Pisces wants you to connect with what truly matters: your spirit. Pisces is inherently connected to the spirit world, which is why it has the tendency to make your dreams more vivid and intensify your emotional reaction to the world. Pisces dissolves boundaries, and as you lower your guard and let go of your ego, all this zodiac sign wants you to do is embrace universal love. After all, everything is interconnected.

Pisces is also an incredibly romantic, creative, and intuitive zodiac sign. This new moon is particularly enchanting, as it forms a conjunction with both Venus — planet of love and friendship — and Neptune — planet of dreams and fantasies. This energy is perfect for pouring your heart into love and delving deep into your artistic inclinations. Your imagination will be glittering with meaning and you might even wake up from a dream feeling fully inspired.

This new moon also forms a sextile with Pluto — planet of death and rebirth — which will tap into your deepest strength; the strength that may lie dormant within you. This will encourage you to transform, nudging you to harness the power that you inherited with every difficult and challenging experience you've ever gone through. This new moon is not about transforming in an earthly sense, but a spiritual one. Embrace the infinity that you are.