March 2021 Full Moon Will Be The Worst

3 Zodiac Signs Will Feel Way More Pressure During The March Full Moon

There's nothing more romantic and enchanting than the sight of the full moon. As its pearlescent glow radiates throughout the night sky, the innate power of the full moon simply cannot be denied. However, while its power is something to behold, it can also feel volatile, over-the-top, and chaotic. Even though the March 2021 full moon will be the worst for these zodiac signs — Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces — there's so much to learn from the experience. However, if you were born with your sun, moon, or rising sign in the water element, this full moon will exert more pressure on you than you might expect.

This full moon — which takes place on March 28 at 2:48 p.m. ET — will rise in cardinal air sign Libra. For water signs, the fact that this full moon takes place in an air sign makes it an even more intense and emotional. In a literal sense, air doesn't mix so well with water. When water is met with air, it tends to dry up and evaporate. When air is met with water, it tends to feel suffocated and overwhelmed. Instead of coexisting peacefully, air and water tend to challenge each other and encourage each other to embrace a different set of skills and perspectives.

Even though this full moon may bring up some uncomfortable themes for water signs, there will still be plenty of positive reinforcement to help make the experience as beautiful as possible. This full moon will encourage deep-seated conflicts in your relationships to resurface as it forms an opposition with romantic Venus. However, this full moon will also form a harmonious trine with passionate Mars, committed Saturn, and the North Node of Destiny. No matter how difficult this full moon may feel, the cosmos want you to be successful in the end.

Here's what water signs can expect:


Cancer: Your Personal Life May Leave You Feeling Overwhelmed

Lately, you've been focused on your career, on your public persona, and the way you're perceived as a professional. Staying true to your ambitions and working hard is never something to feel ashamed of, however, your private life requires just as much time and effort. This full moon is bringing your attention over to what's waiting for you at home, Cancer. It's encouraging you to nurture your family dynamic with tender, loving care. It's encouraging you to clean and organize your living space. Your heart wants to feel safe.

Scorpio: Your Inner World Is Absorbing All Of Your Attention

This full moon has the potential to be an incredibly healing experience, Scorpio. However, healing isn't always as divine as it's made out to be. In fact, healing can be a messy, ugly, and overwhelming process. It starts with you acknowledging your pain and giving you a chance to actually feel whatever you're feeling. And as you probably already know, feeling your emotions is not always easy. However, there's nothing more human than embracing the sadness, happiness, and bittersweet energy that flows through your spirit.

Pisces: You're Embracing The Process Of Release And Renewal

This full moon may leave you feeling like something is coming to an end, Pisces. It will call your attention to the way things are changing in your life; to the way the natural cycles of life continue to flow. Sometimes an ending isn't as dramatic as a breakup or a job coming to an end. Sometimes an ending manifests as a commitment you're deciding to make. Sometimes it reveals itself as the moment you change your mind about something. Embrace the fact that this ending also means something new is about to begin.