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This Month's New Moon Will Be Hopeful For These Signs

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These may be strange times you're living in, but astrology proves that all things are cyclical. Even when you're in the midst of a difficult period, there's always a light that shines upon you just before everything gets too dark. If you need to hear something hopeful for a change, then you'll love the fact that the March 2020 new moon will be the best for these zodiac signs — Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius — and lucky for them, nothing can rain on their cosmic parade.

Even though the new moon is nowhere to be seen in the night sky, this phase of the lunar cycle is often the most positive of them all. This is because a new moon wipes your spiritual slate clean and gives you an opportunity to start fresh. If you set an intention or start a project on a new moon, this lunar phase will bolster you toward success. Use it to help you let go of your past, focus on the here and now, and let the promise of the future guide you forward.

Taking place on March 24 at 5:28 a.m. ET, this new moon is in ambitious, energetic, and goal-oriented Aries. If you've been feeling sleepy, listless, or uninspired, this new moon is sure to jolt you back to life. It will also give you the stamina to stay committed to your promises, thanks to the trine it forms with stable Saturn. Your relationships will even benefit from this new moon, considering that Venus — planet of love and friendship — will form connections to passionate Mars, expansive Jupiter, transformational Pluto, and empathetic Neptune.

While every zodiac sign will be affected by this new moon, it's fire signs who will love it the most.


Aries: You're Bravely Embracing The New And Improved You

You can go wherever you want to go, achieve whatever you want to achieve, and become whoever you want to become. While transformations don't happen overnight, the confidence you need to take the first step forward is lighting a fire within you. You're seeing yourself the way you're meant to be seen and you are greater than the sum of your parts. Let this be the time that you find the courage to be exactly who you want to be; no more, no less. The world is waiting for you to accept yourself as you are.

Leo: Your Creative Spark Is Lighting An Entire Fire

You haven't lost your creative touch. In fact, it's been lying dormant within you, just waiting to be set free. Being creative is at the core of what it means to be human. It's what brings you joy and helps intensify the colors that surround you. Find it in you to embrace your creativity without setting expectations of yourself. As long as you are expressing yourself and having fun, you're doing it right. Before you know it, you might just wind up with a masterpiece. But don't think about masterpieces just yet; think about having a wonderful time.

Sagittarius: You're Reshaping Your Philosophy Of Life

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter what happens in your life. What truly matter is what you believe in. Your beliefs shape your perspective of the world and, ultimately, your reality. Now's the time for you to rethink everything you thought you knew and ask yourself whether you're been limiting yourself by believing in limiting things. Ceilings are manmade, but the sky is endless. How can you get more out of your life by believing in something that brings out the best in you? How can you believe in something that helps you spread your wings?

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