The JoBros' 'Billy On The Street' Video Is So Unintentionally Shady

by Jamie LeeLo

If you guys have never seen Billy On The Street, I highly recommend it. Comedian Billy Eichner runs around New York City streets ambushing unsuspecting pedestrians with major celebrities in tow. Eichner's quick wit and cut-throat sense of humor make for some of the most hilarious interactions you would ever expect out of famous people and regular ol' civilians. The Jonas Brothers' Billy On The Street video is super hilarious, but for an unexpected reason. Nick, Joe, and Kevin catch some unexpected shade by folks who either don't know about them, simply don't care, or do care — but just about one member. (Don't worry. They're just fine.)

Eichner gets out the first dig by opening the video, exclaiming, "Well, the measles are back and so are the Jonas brothers." To be fair, the Jonas brothers have way more fans and money than the measles, so take a hike, you dumb virus! The intention was to capture New Yorkers "welcoming" the JoBros back, but instead, the group kept stumbling upon people who just wouldn't cut them a break.

First up, they ran into a woman who seemed happy to hear the boys had a new album coming out at first, but wished their hit single "Sucker" had a different name. Another man — who actually seemed pumped as hell to meet Kevin, Nick, and Joe — flat-out admitted he didn't listen to their music. Charitably, he added, "no offense."

OK. I'm sure none was taken, stranger.

Eichner charged on, determined to find someone hyped to meet the famous trio. Finally, he stumbled upon two women who seemed to be beside themselves over meeting the famous trio. One woman explained, "I see y'all, doing your thing!" and even congratulated Joe on his recent surprise wedding in Vegas with Sophie Turner. However, Eichner eventually cut right to the chase. He prodded, "Which is your favorite Jonas?" and without hesitating, both women simultaneously stated, "Nick." As Kevin and Joe ran off, one woman half-heartedly offered, "I got love for you too, Joe!"

Of course, my favorite example of a disgruntled New Yorker is an older gentleman whom Eichner aggressively exclaimed, "Sir, it's the Jonas brothers!" to. The man responded, "What about them?" Eichner added, "They took a break, now they're back." The man answered, "Who cares?"

It's, like, comedy sketch writing 101.

If the boys were offended by anyone, you wouldn't know it. In fact, they shared a clip of the video on their own Twitter account with the caption: "WE HIT THE STREETS OF NYC WITH @billyeichner AND THERE WAS A LOT OF SCREAMING. #BILLYONTHESTREET"

Honestly, here. You guys just watch for yourselves:

Don't worry if you're feeling envious of all of the people who met the boys on the street in New York and didn't appreciate them. As soon as June 7 rolls around, their full album Happiness Begins will be blasting to a streaming device near you, filling your world with 100% more Jonas Brothers. Oh yeah, they also have that whole Happiness Beings tour thing happening too, NBD. With any luck, they'll be at a concert venue (or on a literal street) near you soon, too!