The 'Jersey Shore Family Vacation' Trailer Is A Hot Mess & You'll Love It


I'll admit: when I first heard the news about MTV rebooting Jersey Shore, I was worried. So much of what made the original series so incredible was the wild, drunken chaos, but now that the cast is grown up and many of them are married, have kids, or are about to do either of those things, I was worried the new series might be a more tame, toned-down version of the antics that made the original show so iconic. I am happy to admit that after watching the new Jersey Shore Family Vacation trailer, it looks like my worries were totally unfounded.

The new trailer shows the reunited Jersey Shore cast inaugurated their new shore house in Miami, Florida with a "T-shirt time" chant... and then, the insanity begins. The rest of the trailer is packed with more screaming, drama, and alcohol that any Jersey Shore fan could hope for. Snooki goes off on JWoww, JWoww goes off on The Situation, Deena goes off on Ronnie, Ronnie goes off on... everyone — what more could you want? Oh, and on top of all the drunken fighting, there are also some pretty scandalous new relationships, as well as the surprising return of a former housemate. Check out the full new Jersey Shore Family Vacation trailer below:

As the new trailer reveals, romantic drama is going to be at an all-time high on Jersey Shore Family Vacation, which carries way more stakes than the original series since most of the cast members are in committed relationships outside of the show now. At one point, we hear Snooki scream "this is literally going to f—ing ruin my marriage" at her housemates — she has been married to her husband Jionni LaValle for nearly four years and has two children with him.

The other big drama revolves around Ronnie, who pretty much immediately broke his "never fall in love at the Jersey Shore" mantra in the original series, and is going into Family Vacation with his own serious girlfriend, Jen Harley. It was recently revealed that Ronnie's girlfriend is pregnant, which becomes a launchpad for so much drama in the new trailer as Ronnie appears to be getting close to another woman. Vinny warns that Ronnie is "about to have a second baby mama," and then we see Ron whimper "I'm a bad guy."

Oh, and in case that wasn't enough, the trailer also makes it sound like DJ Pauly D is going to propose to someone in the new series! Pauly D isn't known to be romantically involved with anyone currently — his last girlfriend was Aubrey O'Day — so the person at the other end of his proposal is anyone's guess.

And then the very end of the trailer reveals the return of a true Jersey Shore legend, as Angelina barges in on the house's family dinner and immediately confronts The Situation, bringing up that time he called her a "dirty little hamster" during the original show's second season. That confrontation led to Angelina leaving the show after Season 2... but it looks like she is back now!

But the trailer isn't just all drama. The cast all clearly know how to have wild fun still, as we see them jump off docks and fist pump their way through various bars and nightclubs. To up the craziness, Pauly D runs through the house naked and Vinny gets in drag by throwing on a dress and wig. As always, it's Vinny who is able to sum it all up best:

I can't explain it: put us all together, and it's a sh—show.

Jersey Shore Family Vacation will premiere on Thursday, April 5 on MTV.