The Importance Of Your Maid Of Honor Is Much More Than A Cool Title

In your lifetime, you may take on a lot of different titles. You may be a student, a roommate, or a boss. You may be a best friend, a significant other, or a "cool aunt." Each one of these titles will come with their own responsibilities, memories, and importance. But, possibly one of the raddest parts of life is not just taking on different titles, but giving them to the people you care about the most. For example, when you're getting married, you may ask your sister-in-law to be a bridesmaid, or your work wife to be your maid of honor. (Now, that's a big title to have.) Do you know the importance of your maid of honor? It's so much more than you may think.

Now, I've been to a few weddings, so I know how things normally go. You'll stand with your significant other and say, "I do." You'll exchange rings and vows, promising to love and support each other forever. There will also be a few people standing by your side: your maid of honor, your bridesmaids, an officiant, and the rest of the bridal party.

These are the people who love and support you and your significant other. They're glowing at the thought of you growing together, and all the memories and milestones that are to come. Possibly the most important among them, though, is your maid of honor for these five reasons.

She's Likely Been By Your Side Through It All
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First things first: Your maid of honor has likely been by your side through it all. She's been there for the embarrassing moments when you spilled coffee on your shirt in the middle of a work meeting, or when you forgot all the right moves at your dance recital in fifth grade. She's been there for the laughs, the tears, and the little victories. It's part of the reason why she's so qualified to be your maid of honor.

I mean, she'll definitely have lots of stories for her speech and know most of the guests that are on the invite list. She'll greet everyone, and make sure they're having a good time.

She'll also stand by your side while you put on your wedding dress and say, "I do." It'll be the sweetest moment, and one you've been dreaming about forever. Am I right?

She Knows All Your Likes And Dislikes
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Since your maid of honor has been by your side through it all, she knows your likes and dislikes. She knows that you're not a huge fan of pickles on your sandwiches, and that peonies are your favorite flowers. She's also been making mental notes of it all, so that she can make your wedding day feel as magical as possible.

You'll walk into the reception and might see your favorite doughnuts at the dessert table, and twinkly lights, well, everywhere. There may be Polaroids of you and your significant other on top of every plate, just like you said you wanted years ago.

You'll gasp with excitement and pure joy, and run to your maid of honor to give her a hug. Being mindful of your likes and dislikes and paying attention to all the little details is what makes her not just someone in your bridal party, but a best friend.

She Taught You A Lot Of Lessons
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Whether your maid of honor has been in your life since kindergarten or just for a few years, she taught you a lot of lessons. She gave you a heads up on all the hidden secrets of life — like unfollowing the people you aren't close with anymore on social media, and coming to terms with the past so you can live happily in the present.

She also gave you advice on relationships, your professional life, and every outfit choice in between. She taught you how to properly apply mascara, or that leather jackets don't go with everything. (Phew! That was a close one.)

Most importantly, though, she taught you to always be yourself. After all, it's a beautiful person to be — and you've taken her word to heart every time.

She Cares About You And Your SO A Lot
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Your maid of honor cares about you a lot. That's why she always responds to your texts immediately, and comes over with ice cream when you're frustrated or sad. She supported you when you were living your dreams, and listened to your stories even if she didn't understand the references. (What would you do without her, huh?)

But, it's not just you that she has a big heart for. She also cares about your significant other. Now that you two are getting married, she considers them to be like a sibling or a best friend, and plans on being there whenever they need her, too.

She plans on listening to their stories and bonding with them over their love for you. It's not in the maid of honor contract or anything. It's just who she is and will always be as a person in your life.

She Makes Your Life So Much Brighter
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Honestly, you couldn't imagine your special day without having your maid of honor by your side to experience it all. She makes every moment of your life so much brighter, and will likely do the same for your family members, other friends, and guests that are at your wedding.

She'll be the one encouraging everyone to get on the dance floor, and take pictures in the photo booth. (With a glowing smile like hers, how can you say no? Her positive energy is contagious.) She'll be befriending the people she doesn't know, and cheering you and your significant other on the entire time.

For that, you feel incredibly lucky and know that you picked well, when you chose this girl as your maid of honor. It's really a role that's so much more than a title or even a bracelet that's engraved with the letters, "BFF."