7 Thoughtful Things Every MOH Should Do For The Bride The Week Of The Wedding

You have been blessed with the title of being a maid of honor. Being chosen as the one person your BFF wants right beside her on her special day is such a rewarding feeling. Taking on all of the tasks that come along with being a MOH, you've made a vow to impress the heck out of your bride. That means it's your number one priority to make sure everything goes off without a hitch, and your BFF bride feels like royalty. The week leading up to the wedding is the most stressful, so you should consider some thoughtful things the maid of honor should do to help keep your friend calm and happy.

Not only are you the BFF, but you are also the unofficial wedding planner. Being a maid of honor isn't just for anyone. It takes a true friend who genuinely wants her best friend's wedding to be as magical as she is. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to be crowned the most awesome MOH to ever live, am I right?

You're already handling writing a speech, running errands, and tracking down any final wedding day details as part of your MOH duties. These seven things you can do for your friend the week leading up to the wedding add to the icing on the cake. And boy oh boy, is there a nice cake waiting for you both at the end of this magical journey.

Countdown Spa Treatments

A good countdown is always fun. Plan out little spa treatments for your BFF each day leading up to the big day. Start one week out, and schedule a mini manicure. Maybe on day five, it's a relaxing massage. No matter what you decide, each day of the week, your friend can wake up to a new "treat yourself" experience ensuring she feels like a pampered princess.

Be The Leader Of The Pack

Your BFF doesn't need the extra stress, so be the bridesmaid leader you know you are. Make sure you communicate with your bride squad about what is expected of them, and tell them to come to you and not the bride for any questions. You will help handle any stresses that come from that area, so your friend doesn't have to worry at all about her bride tribe.

Have A Sleepover Working On Last-Minute Details

It's always the little DIY projects that get left until the last-minute. They are only time-consuming if your friend is doing them alone. Plan out a sleepover a week before the wedding where you both can stay up late working on last-minute details and drinking wine. This may be one of your last chances to have a sleepover like the old days before your BFF becomes a married woman.

Go Shopping For A Wedding Day Emergency Kit Together

An emergency kit is necessary for the day of the wedding, because you never know what will happen. A good wedding kit should include hair pins, deodorant, tissues, mouthwash, lipstick, extra makeup and hair spray. You know, the staples. Get creative by decorating your kit as well. Just have fun with it, and embrace the girl bonding time.

Take Lots Of Photos To Remember The Time

Your friend will be getting a lot of pictures of her wedding and reception, but she'll want to remember everything leading up to her big day. Capture the moments the hired professional isn't there to see — like when the whole bridal party goes out for manicures, or the rehearsal dinner with the family. These are the special private moments that she'll love to see later.

As an extra special gift for the bride, print out those photos and put them in a photo album with a special note just for her inside. This sweet gesture will put a smile on her face.

Gift Your Friend A Handkerchief For The Happy Tears

There will be lots of tears on the big day. If you're a big crier like me, you know how important it is to stock up on tissues for all of those happy tears. Your friend needs a tissue as beautiful as her dress, so a great gift idea for your friend is a pretty handkerchief.

Treat Her To Lunch Or Coffee All Week Long

Make sure you are checking in everyday to make sure your friend is OK, and see if she needs anything done. Don't bombard her with texts asking if she needs help, though, because she's probably overwhelmed with people reaching out. Instead, be sly about it.

Plan to have lunch or at least a coffee break everyday, so you're able to check in and get the scoop. Let her vent and assign any extra duties you need to take on. She'll surely appreciate it coming from her main girl.