The Type Of Friend Who Should Be Your Maid Of Honor, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

When you're going through the jumbled mess and circus of coordinating and planning your wedding, it can be overwhelming AF. And just before you are about to burst, a soft hand touches yours and says, "I got you, girl." This is the hand of your maid of honor. You need to know exactly who you should ask to be your maid of honor, based on your zodiac sign, because you are going to need her dedication and support to make your day so very special.

The maid of honor is basically the girl who doesn't take sh*t from anyone and counteracts any could-be problems that might potentially stress you the hell out. Think of her as Wonder Woman, but instead of blue and red spandex, she is wearing whatever color dress you want her to. She is the damage control person and the one woman you can confide in throughout the entire process, leading up to your big day. Seriously, she is a heaven-sent ride or die, and she has your back no matter what.

Your maid of honor has to get you. It's important that they know the exact vision you have for your wedding, but also know you on a personal level and can help you delegate. Choosing a maid of honor is not like picking out a pair of shoes. She has to do more than just fit — she has to keep you lifted and focused on the main goal here, which is getting married the way you want.

Aries: The Friend Who Is Always Cool, Calm, And Collected

Aries, you want everything to be perfect and can get stressed out real quick if something you asked to be done wasn't done. Your cool, calm, and collected maid of honor will make absolutely sure nothing ruins your special day. Let her do the situating and organizing for you, so you don't have to.

Taurus: The Friend Who Goes With The Flow

Taurus, compromising is key, and for those areas where you don't want to, your "go with the flow" maid of honor will be there to ease you through it. Your day will be amazing, and this type of maid of honor will help you relax and enjoy letting it unfold. Let your main girl take the reins.

Gemini: The Negotiating Friend

You have your heart set on two different things, Gemini. The one you really want can be talked down by your negotiating friend who is also your maid of honor. No more indecisiveness, because she has the solution right there for you.

Cancer: The Friend Who Will Listen To You No Matter What

Planning a wedding is tough work, Cancer. You are going to need someone to bounce ideas and frustrations off of when you're feeling moody AF. The type of girlfriend who listens no matter what will be there to hear all of the good and bad thoughts running through your head.

Leo: The Friend Who's The Life Of The Party

Leo, the party doesn't start until you walk in... with your dope AF maid of honor. She will make sure the spotlight shines on you throughout the entire wedding planning process.

The two of you will dance the night away at the bachelorette party and the wedding reception. Seriously, your life partner is gonna have to ask to cut in a few times.

Virgo: The Super Organized Friend

Virgo, you are going to be analyzing every single detail of this wedding — it's just your nature. The super organized friend is going to ease your life immensely, so don't stress. Together, the two of you are about to own the hell out of your big day.

Libra: The Friend Who's The Peacekeeper

Balance is everything to you, Libra. And since you had to invite everyone in the family — maybe even a couple people who have beef — your peacekeeping friend will handle all of the BS. Harmony is all that your day is going to encompass, so don't you worry about a thing.

Scorpio: The Friend Who Always Tells It Like It Is

Scorpio, everyone is going to trying to appease you leading up to your big day. Sometimes this can come off as a bit fake from people who don't really know you. The friend who always tells it like it is isn't going to be rude or anything, but she'll be honest and real with you when you ask her opinion about something. This is exactly who you need leading up to your special day.

Sagitarrius: The Friend Who Effortlessly Makes You Laugh

During this stressful time of wedding planning, it might be hard to keep that golden sense of humor of yours, Sag. You need that friend who can immediately make you laugh, no matter what. Seriously, they would even go as far as making funny faces at you while you walk down the aisle.

Capricorn: The Natural Born DJ Friend

Playlist worries? Not anymore, Cap. Your friend who naturally puts together the best playlists for any occasion is your best pick for your maid of honor. You know your wedding is going to be seriously jamming as long as this friend takes the lead as your number one gal.

Aquarius: The Friend Who Always Keeps Their Promises

Effective delivery is important during wedding planning, Aquarius. Whether it's a physical or figurative promise, your maid of honor should be the one who never breaks them. You need that sense of security and reliability while balancing everything else.

Pisces: The Motivational AF Friend

That friend who spews insightful quotes like it's nothing and always has a keen sense of the right thing to say? That's your maid of honor, Pisces. She's super positive and you want to put every word she says on a bumper sticker. Her attitude will aid you in more ways than one.

Your maid of honor is going to be one of the key factors of your wedding. With her, you're unlocking a brand new part of your life.