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The Halloween Candy That Represents You, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Without candy, what even is Halloween? If you're not a fan of horror or you'd rather not participate in all the costume festivities, I think we can all agree on candy. It's at the core of what this holiday is all about. One bite into sugary, artificial sweetness and you're automatically plunged into carefree childhood memories of ringing doorbells, shouting "trick-or-treat," and then counting your loot at the end of the night with your friends. If you're like me, you made a competition out of it with your cousins, and whoever collected the most candy was then dubbed the greatest trick-or-treater of all time. Of course, then came the tense period of bartering and trading for the best candy. But, I digress, because I'm sure you all came here to find out what Halloween candy you are, based on your zodiac sign.

Because the cosmos can say so much about the person you are, discovering the Halloween candy that was made for your zodiac sign is all in the name of the holiday spirit. Being the instigating Gemini that I am, I'm all for encouraging you to stock up on as much candy as you can. After all, Halloween only happens once a year.

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Aries: Warheads

Nothing entices an Aries more than a challenge. When it comes to popping the sourest candy of all time into their mouth, you know an Aries is game. On Halloween, they'll impress everyone (including themselves) with their fearless taste.

Taurus: Tootsie Pops

On Halloween, a patient and taste-loving Taurus could eat candy for hours, which is why the Tootsie Pop was essentially made for them. They will attempt to literally figure out how many licks it takes to get to the center of the pop, then make that Tootsie last forever.

Gemini: Sour Patch Kids

Is it no wonder that moody and two-faced Gemini finds a kindred spirit in the Sour Patch Kid? Sour upon the first taste, and then sweet as it melts in their mouth, a Gemini feels their personalities shift while they eat this Halloween candy.

Cancer: Jolly Ranchers

When it comes to Halloween candy, a Cancer goes for nostalgic flavor that takes them all the way back to their childhood. Jolly Ranchers do just the trick, and as the fruity flavors burst into juicy sweetness their mouth, a Cancer is definitely in their happy place.

Leo: Ring Pops

Glamorous and show-stopping Leo adores candy that makes them look like the most bedazzled person in the room. Donning a Ring Pop not only makes their tongue happy, it's also a fashion statement that a Leo approves of making.

Virgo: Starbursts

Detail-oriented and elegantly organized Virgo can't help but swoon for the taste and presentation of a Starburst. They can spend time ranking the various flavors, carefully unwrapping the packagings, and of course, devouring them.

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Libra: Kit Kats

Lusty, luxurious, and lovestruck Libra connects with a Kit Kat on a soul level. Not only are they aesthetically genius and delectably tasty, they can share them with their crush and spark quite the flirtatious conversation on Halloween.

Scorpio: Snickers

A Scorpio might be known as the sexiest zodiac sign in all of astrology, but when it comes to Halloween candy, a Scorpio says, "Sex is cool, but have you tried a Snickers?" With the layers of nougat, caramel, peanuts, and milk chocolate, their mouths are left watering.

Sagittarius: Pop Rocks

When it comes to Halloween candy, a Sagittarius wants nothing less than an adventure in their mouth. This is why Pop Rocks are their most exciting option, as they can literally feel the candy shocking their tongues like sugary electricity.

Capricorn: Candy Corn

Even on Halloween, a Capricorn is all about observing the holiday with traditions in mind. Candy corn is clearly a Capricorn's favorite option, because not only does it make them feel like it's Halloween, it tastes like it's Halloween.

Aquarius: Skittles

Community-oriented Aquarius adores how Skittles represent harmony among not only every color in the rainbow, but also, every taste in the rainbow. Whether they want one at a time or prefer munching on a handful, Skittles are proof that flavors can work together.

Pisces: Dum Dums

Fanciful and changeable Pisces loves the variety, quickness, and of course, cuteness of Dum Dums. They can horde a handful of flavors, and because of their compact size, finish a whole lot of them in no time. There's no candy that pairs better with daydreaming.

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