The Girl Who Always Drinks Rosé Wants You To Know These 7 Things

Stop and smell the rosé, am I right? You can likely think of at least one person in your crew who can't get enough of the drink. She's over 21, of course, and will pour herself a refreshing glass after a long day at work, or to kick off girls' night on the right note. The girl who drinks rosé can be misunderstood, though. You might assume she's a little basic, and I'm sorry to say, that couldn't be more wrong.

You had me at merlot, but this girl isn't so easily convinced. She has such a vibrant spirit, and can get along with just about anyone in a crowd. Is she a Leo, or maybe a Gemini? For this one, let's put the star signs aside. What she's sipping on is much more important.

Out of all of your friends, she's probably the one who always manages to find herself in the center of a social situation, but loves her alone time as well. She watches sitcoms, and keeps the mood lighthearted. Dealing with drama just isn't her style (we'll leave that to the tea drinkers out there.) She'd rather have a good time with her girl crew than cause such a fuss. These seven things are all too true, so don't make any other assumptions simply because she loves rosé.

She's Not Basic

Loving rosé doesn't make you basic. Yes, there's something about pink drinks that can come across that way, but this girl wants you to know she's not in the wine game just because it's trendy. She actually loves the taste of a red mixed with a white. Some of her favorite rosés are sweet like her, so she sees herself in every single glass.

Maybe it seems too cliché and corny, but no matter what the meal may be, she can always count on her favorite to pull through. Having a reliable sidekick is necessary in the real world, and this is the only wine she wants.

She Loves Good Conversation

You may be quick to assume that the red wine drinkers of the world are the best at conversation. Their sophisticated palate does make us believe they have coolest stories to tell from studying abroad and tasting wines around the world. But, the girl who drinks rosé is actually one of the best social butterflies. She can strike up a conversation with just about anyone in a crowd, and doesn't get nervous about standing out or approaching someone new.

Many of us like to keep to our own company, and maybe love loud bars and clubs because they don't come with awkward conversation. This girl would much rather hang on the couch or a quaint cafe with her crew, though, and just talk about what everyone did that day.

She's A Leader

This girl is a leader, not a follower. She's the trendsetter, and always the first to walk down the road less traveled. She's passionate and strong, so being a leader comes naturally to her.

There's nothing that's going to stand in the way of her and her dreams, and she can't imagine living a life that's even a bit boring. The world better watch out for the girl who goes pink.

She's Easy Going

This girl is flexible when it comes to her time and energy, and won't ever make a big fuss. When you're all deciding where you should go out to eat, she'll simply say, "Anything works for me!" Truth is, she'll find something on the menu no matter what the group chooses, and she'll have a ball every time.

She just enjoys the company, and wants to focus on living life to its fullest. That means ditching the drama and washing worries away with a little bit of wine. Everything always works out the way it's supposed to, and she'd regret not slowing down to celebrate the grape times.

She Can Be Introverted

Although this girl loves her conversation and being the star of the show, she's also quite introverted. Sometimes she needs to just hang out in her room and listen to music, or create something beautiful just to recharge. As much as she finds passion and love constantly around her, she loves to take time to channel it in herself, too.

We all need our alone time, so it's not too difficult to understand where this girl is coming from. Sometimes the only buddy we need after a particularly stressful day is a bottle of our favorite wine and a relaxing romantic comedy.

She's Full Of Personality

The girl who has a palate dedicated to pink wine has so much personality. Like Jess from New Girl, she likely has her quirks and loves moments that feel a little random. She's completely comfortable in her own skin, but wants other people to accept who is she as well. Once again, she can be misunderstood, and doesn't want to be categorized with the crowd.

Her sense of humor is bold, and she's a beautiful ray of sunshine wherever she goes. In this way, you honestly feel lucky to have someone like her around to always keep life interesting.

She's Optimistic

Living life in pink is a pretty sweet deal. Sure, adulting can be tough and it's hard to always find the bright side of things. But, the girl who always drinks rosé wants you to know that the grass is pretty green right where we stand.

She confidently believes that everything happens for a reason, and wears her positive pants with a lot of pride. Some may find this side of her annoying because they love to look at the glass half empty instead of half full. Now that she's grown up, she's stopped having certain friends and left the negative people behind.

Truth is, this girl will always love her rosé. So, before you assume anything else about her, stop and take a sip to know exactly where she's coming from.