This Yoga, Wine & Painting Retreat In Greece Needs To Be Your Next Girls' Trip

There are three things that when combined together, have you setting sail for an ultimate trip to euphoria: wine, relaxation, and yoga. Wine yoga retreats are an actual thing, and before you think the two are conflicting ideas, think again. The appeal of nationwide wine yoga retreats is that you're not only getting that zen from hitting that downward dog, but you're also sipping on delicious wine that is balancing the hell out of your palate. Wine tasting is always a dope follow-up activity to anything.

These retreats provide you with a great opportunity to unwind and have some fun with your friends. You'll meet all kinds of people, including instructors who are ready to help you reach your full potential. These events happen all over, and if you're feeling super adventurous, going out of the country to any one of these retreats would be exceptionally awesome.

I mean, wine from a different country? How tasty and awesome is that? Besides, a wine retreat may not have been on your bucket list specifically, but once you attend, you're going to wonder why it wasn't scribbled in all along. Again, these retreats are up for grabs all over the place and you'd be lucky to hit that Child's Pose, glass in hand, at any of these events.

Luxury Wine And Yoga Retreat In Osoyoos, Canada
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For three days and two nights, you'll spend time engaging in Flow, Hatha, and Bliss yoga classes. If you're into variety, then you have certainly found the right place. The Watermark Beach Resort is absolutely gorgeous, and you'll truly fall in love with the scenic backdrop while working on your poses. Oh, and you'll also experience a private tour of the winery in Osoyoos. Get ready to sip in an incredibly serene environment, ladies.

Ladies Yoga And Wine Retreat In Florida

In Destin, Florida, you and your girls will engage in meditation sessions and listen intently as the ocean waves crash onto the shore. Does it get any more relaxing than that? Your crew will interact with other women for the weekend while enjoying gourmet meals and wine.

Yoga Wine Tasting Retreat In Mallorca, Spain
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It's time to pack those bags and head out of the country. For five days, stay in a historical mansion while anticipating the amazing itinerary each day. From winery tours and yoga classes to a beach visit, you'll be seeing Spain from a different viewpoint — especially if you have enough balance to hit those advanced yoga moves.

Glamping Yoga Retreat In Ithaca, New York
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Camping just received a new makeover. The Glamping Yoga Retreat in New York allows you and guests to get all the relaxing elements of camping with a glamorous twist. Get comfy in the outdoor lounge and furnished tents, and immerse yourself in the amazing yoga, hiking, and spa services. The outdoor yoga will have you feeling more refreshed than ever.

Summer Solstice Yoga Retreat In Sonoma, California
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Sonoma is known for having amazing wines, so attending a yoga retreat there should be at the top of your bucket list. On the longest day of the year, you'll be filling your schedule with rejuvenating yoga and impeccable wines. Oh, and you'll also have access to the pools and hot tubs.

Symi Yoga Retreat In Greece
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Appease most, if not all, of your senses on this amazing wine retreat in Europe. I don't think there's a better reason to get your bags packed and passport ready than a retreat like this one.

For eight days, enjoy painting and focus the mind and body during yoga classes, all while relaxing on the beautiful island of Symi. Wine and chocolate will also make an appearance in your schedule, so cheers to that.

Hiking And Yoga Retreat In The French Alps, France
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Stressed out? Three days in the fresh air of the French Alps is exactly what you need. After your exciting days of hiking, yoga classes, and taking in the beautiful views of the mountains, you'll top each evening off with a wine tasting. If you've never been to France before, you will very much enjoy the experience, topped off with regional wines.

Even if you aren't a wino, anyone can appreciate the combination of wine and yoga. Sip, stretch, and most importantly, enjoy the heck out of the experience.