The Emotional Meaning Of Sagittarius Season Is About Having Faith

by Valerie Mesa
LPETTET/E+/Getty Images

If had to describe the celestial energy of Sagittarius season in one word, it'd be "joy." The emotional meaning of Sagittarius season 2019, in particular, goes far beyond the desire for spontaneous adventures and life-changing experiences. Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius comes around once a year with one mission: To instill hope and faith in your hearts. It's no wonder it comes after Scorpio season, considering how uplifting this energy can be, especially when tuned into correctly.

Had a rough Scorpio season? You're not the only one. Despite this Pluto-ruled sign's enigmatic presence and polarizing passions, its celestial essence is nothing short of cathartic. Every year around Scorpio season — which takes place around mid-October to mid-November — don't you experience some sort of rebirth? My point exactly. With that being said, don't be discouraged by the intensity of Scorpio season. If you underwent a powerful transformation, then pat yourself on the back, because that's exactly what this season is all about. Besides, now you have Sagittarius season to look forward to.

Having Faith During Sagittarius Season 2019: Nov. 22 To Dec. 21

After a long and intensity-filled season of the scorpion, the sun has finally come out and it's shining brighter than ever. This is part of the unique symbolism of Sagittarius, aside from its adventurous personality and freedom-loving nature. Have you ever thought about the things that make you feel free? I believe freedom stems from being self-aware and knowing your soul's truth. Interestingly enough, those with personal planets in Sagittarius (sun, moon, ascendant, Mercury, and/or Venus) are often referred to as "truth seekers," given their innate desire to explore and discover all that's waiting for them on the other side of the horizon.


Not sure what your soul's truth consists of? Not to worry, that's what the season of the archer is for. Sagittarius' glyph is a representation of the centaur's arrow pointing toward the infinite sky, along with the infinite possibilities that exist all around you. Sagittarius season is all about expanding your horizons, but in order to do that, you must be willing to step outside of your comfort zone. Yes, venturing into unknown territory isn't the easiest thing in the world, but you never know until you try, right? Besides, this is where lucky Jupiter's blessed abundance comes in, which reminds you to have faith in yourself. What are you afraid of? Are you doing everything it takes to chase your dreams? The time is now, so make sure you're living life to the fullest.

This is precisely why those born under this mutable fire sign enjoy taking risks as much as they do. In fact, a lot of Jupiter's children (Sagittarius, or those with personal planets in Sagittarius) are gamblers at heart, so they're thrill seekers and sparkling optimists. On the dark side, however, Jupiter's influence, which is larger than life itself, can also be a bit overindulgent, which can certainly lead to denial. Nevertheless, make sure you don't lose your balance during this time. Know the difference between having fun and having way too much fun. No offense to the largest planet in the solar system, but he can be a bit exaggerative at times. Jupiter is the planet of abundance, expansion, luck, and opportunity; everything it touches automatically becomes bigger, too.