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The Emotional Meaning Of Pisces Season Is About Going With The Flow

by Valerie Mesa

Pisces season is a time for release and spiritual surrender before one can be reborn in the springtime. The emotional meaning of Pisces season 2020, on the other hand, is all about going with the flow and merging with the divine. For instance, Aries season is equivalent to the very first spark of life you experience after a long harsh winter. However, in order to fully embrace this new beginning, personally and collectively, you must be willing to let go. Trusting the universe and knowing you are exactly where you need to be, despite the reality of your ego, is your mission this season

It's no wonder Neptune-ruled Pisces is the last in the zodiac. It is a divine embodiment of every single zodiac sign before it, similar to a complex plethora of celestial magic. This is precisely why this mutable water sign is so intricate and difficult to read. Its Neptunian essence is nothing short of universal; it is just as mystifying as it is intangible. Again, complex is an understatement when referring to this water sign, but all you can do is trust it, the same way you trust in the universal process. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean it isn't there.


Pisces Season 2020: Feb. 18 To March 19

The year kicked off on a rather tumultuous note, so you can already imagine the effects of this utterly empathic season. Neptune-ruled Pisces is a symbol of compassion and universal oneness; its highly intricate duality is a representation of the soul in the spiritual and physical dimension. With that being said, there's a reason why Pisces season tends to feel a bit on the heavy side, especially for those born under this mutable sign. So, there's no denying that it will be a season of release, both spiritually and collectively.

Aside from being deeply cathartic, amidst Saturn's conjunction with Pluto in Capricorn, Pisces season will bring an overwhelming sense of compassion, emotionally and in terms of humanity as a whole. There are a number of tragic events taking place around the world today and your ability to empathize will more than likely heighten during this time, because you and the universe are one. Swimming through the mystical depths of Pisces alongside its planetary ruler, Neptune, the sun's shift into Pisces will shed light on the beauty in spiritual connection and help you discover the beauty in intangible results.

The Emotional Meaning Of Pisces Season 2020

On the first day of Pisces season, Mercury retrograde will be sitting closely to Neptune, which automatically sets a romantic yet ethereal theme to the season. Mercury Rx in Pisces, however, will likely bring you closer to the universal undercurrents you'd typically disregard on a daily basis. Mars — the planet of energy and aggression — will be conjunct the South Node in Saturn-ruled Capricorn, which will ignite the fire in your karmic process, amidst letting go of previously set structures and traditions. This will be powerful, so stay tuned. Mars will eventually link up with electric Uranus — planet of rebellion, innovation, and the higher mind — and this will spark a number of unexpected yet necessary changes.

Luckily, there will be a lot of cardinal energy (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) in the sky during this time, which automatically makes things a bit more comfortable for Pisces season to flow, as opposed to the force of the mutable energies (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) challenging the collective to take action by no means necessary. However, there is a powerful full moon in Virgo taking place this season, and since this is Pisces' polar opposite sign, it will have you reflecting on whether or not you've created a healthy balance between your physical and emotional body.