If You're A Major Fan Of 'Downton Abbey,' You Need To Attend This Regal Party

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Dear lovers of all things related to Downton Abbey. This article is for you and the friends in your circle who have been anxiously waiting for the Crawleys to come back into your life. Don't worry, because the film is almost here, and before you know it, you'll be falling in love with your favorite characters all over again. (It's set to come to theaters in Sept. 2019, and the movie trailer alone will give you all the heart eyes.) For now, though, you can rewatch the six seasons that made you want to refer to your BFFs as "lords" and "ladies" and get the details on regal events you can be part of, like the Downton Abbey movie and Highclere Castle Gin launch party.

Have you heard about this exclusive afternoon yet? If not, I think you need to know the 411 on what's happening and where, so you can snag a spot on the croquet court and plan your outfit accordingly. Because, if the show has taught you anything, it's how to dress for lavish occasions, unexpected drama, and being dished the piping hot tea.

Most importantly, it's made you fall head over heels for a different time and place, and get totally wrapped up in a British society that changes with every episode. That's why you need the details on the Downton Abbey movie and Highclere Castle Gin launch. True fans like you need to be in attendance, so you can support your favorite show before it starts a new chapter of its story on the big screen.

What's the scoop on the Downton Abbey movie and Highclere Castle Gin launch?

Ocean House

Listen: I'm not going to waste another minute of your time going over the drama from the show or your standards and expectations for the highly-anticipated movie. Here's everything you need to know about the launch and the event that comes with it.

On Aug. 20, 2019, Ocean House in Westerly, Rhode Island will be hosting a party with the owners of Highclere Castle. As you may know, this castle in England is where Downton Abbey was filmed. With this event taking place the end of summer, you can have the opportunity to meet the 8th Earl and Countess of Carnarvon closer to home and have a one-of-a-kind experience.

If you attend, you'll be treated to games of English croquet on Ocean House's lawn, along with specially-designed cocktails, curated by the castle's head butler. You'll celebrate the launch of Highclere Castle Gin, along with the September release of the film.

According to the Ocean House event page, the gin is considered "a super-premium London dry gin," and is made from the ingredients in the castle's gardens. With one sip, you'll be able to note tastes of citrus peel, juniper, and lavender, and likely feel very regal.

How can you and your fellow Downton Abbey lovers attend the event?

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In order to attend, you and your fellow Downton Abbey lovers need to pull out your calendars and credit cards, and head to Ocean House's events site. Find the listing for the "Sips & Wickets" Highclere Castle Gin Launch Party, and hit the "reserve now" button.

If you plan on only visiting for the day for the party, then your ticket will be $145. If you're staying overnight or are an Ocean House member, then your ticket will be $95. (Either way, it'll be worth splurging a little bit and making the extra room in your budget.) Continue through the checkout process to pay and confirm your reservation for the party of the Downton Abbey fan's decade. Then, mark the day in your calendar and start a countdown in an app on your phone.

How else can you celebrate the release of the Downton Abbey movie?

Other than attending this event, there are other ways you can celebrate the release of the Downton Abbey movie and be a #truefan. First, you can see the film on its opening night: Sept. 20, 2019. You can gather up your own royal squad, get some popcorn and soda, and spend a night at home basking in the beauty of the Highclere Castle and the cast.

In addition, you can post pictures on social media with your favorite quotes from the show, or book a trip across the pond to see the sights of England for yourself. You can roam around the city of London and live your most regal life.

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