The Dolan Twins' Zoom Call With All The Famous YouTube Twins Is EVERYTHING


Having a Zoom party with the Dolan Twins may sound like a distant dream for some, but it became reality for eleven lucky sets of twins who were invited to do just that. Ethan and Grayson Dolan decided they wanted to connect with their fellow YouTube-famous identical twins, and it turns out there’s a lot of them out there. The Dolan Twins surprised all the other twins by placing them in one huge group chat together, and the result was hilarious. The Dolan Twins' Zoom call with all the famous YouTube twins is the content I didn’t know I needed.

The Dolan Twins are one of the most famous sets of twins on YouTube, but they included some true powerhouse siblings in their chat. YouTube superstars Niki & Gabi made the list, as did Brooklyn and Bailey, Chase and Alan Stokes, and Lisa and Lena. The Dolan Twins also dialed up the Dobre twins, YouTube sensations the Merrell twins, and the Buongiovanni brothers.

They made one exception to the twins rule, adding Charli and Dixie D’Amelio to the chat, because although they're not twins, they sure look the part.

With all the celebrity twins in one group chat, the Dolan twins were ready for a party. “This is a themed party and the dress code is identical," they said as they prepped for the chat.

As they dialed each set of twins into the chat, each duo looked totally taken aback to see how many other twins were in on the Zoom call. You can watch their epic reactions below.

During the chat, the Dolan brothers asked all the typical twins questions like, "Who's older?" and "Have you had any twin fights?"

All the twins are currently quarantined together, except form Niki & Gabi, because Gabi decided to self-quarantine after her last trip to Disney World. The Dolan twins told the girls they're twin goals for keeping each other safe. They went on to say Lisa and Lena were total twin goals as well, after they managed to share a pair of ear pods through the entire chat.

Basically, it was just twin goals all around on the Zoom call. It's a rarity to have so many internet celebrities in one place, but if anyone can make it happen, it's the Dolan Twins.