Who Is Dixie D'Amelio?

Here's How Dixie D'Amelio Stands Apart From Her Sister Charli On TikTok

Famous Birthdays/YouTube

Chances are you've heard of Charli D'Amelio by now. She has one of the fastest growing accounts on the wildly popular TikTok app, having reached 23 million followers in a matter of seven months. There's also a chance you've mixed her up with her older sister, Dixie. "Who is Dixie D'Amelio?" you ask. Well, besides being Charli's look-a-like, she is also a popular TikToker with 11.9 million followers at the time of publication.

Dixie's account is similar to Charli's, consisting of lip-sync videos and a few choreographed dance videos. She isn't a trained dancer like her little sis, so she sets herself apart by adding in a few comedy bits. She seems to have no problem making fun of herself, which is just one of the things that makes her account so fun to follow.

Dixie's newfound TikTok fame has seriously transformed her life. She and Charli are now members of Hype House, a collective of TikTokers who film content at an L.A. mansion called the Hype House. While some members live at the mansion, Dixie and Charli don't reside there because they are in school. Instead, they visit often to create content with the other 17 members.

Besides hanging out in a swanky mansion from time to time, Dixie's life now consists of hanging out with celebrities. In November 2019, Dixie and Charli were invited backstage to chat with Bebe Rexha before she opened up for the Jonas Brothers at Brooklyn's Barclays Center on Nov. 23. They even filmed a TikTok together. Check out their moves below.

It looks like Dixie's got a full plate moving forward, as she's also a model, having landed her first paid modeling gig back in January 2018, according to her dad Marc D'Amelio's Instagram post.

In December 2019, Dixie spoke more about her future in modeling with Famous Birthdays.

"My mom modeled when she was a kid and I started when I was 14, 15. and I just enjoy it," she said. But don't expect to see her on runways in the near future. "I don't do anything too serious with it yet, since I'm still in school," she said, before revealing she has plans to pursue higher education.

On Jan. 15, Dixie, Charli, and her parents signed with United Talent Agency to develop more digital content, create podcasts and books, schedule appearances, and Dixie is already flourishing outside of TikTok.

On Feb. 14, it was announced Dixie is joining the cast of the new Brat TV series Attaway General on YouTube. The show (about a group of teenagers who volunteer together at a local hospital) is actually chock full of other popular TikTokers, including Gabby Morrison, Griffin Johnson, Diego Martir, Madi Monroe, Lauren Kettering, and Eric Montanez.

With an acting career on the rise, it seems like there will be no shortage of Dixie content for her fans. Sadly, an exact date hasn't been set for the premiere of Attaway General. Fans will have to wait until further notice to see her acting debut, but they can enjoy her latest TikTok uploads until then.