Tonight's Full Moon Will Be An Emotional Release

The moment you look up at the night sky and gaze up at the full moon, you can just tell something wild is about to happen. Even if you know nothing about astrology or the lore surrounding the lunar cycle, the fact that you can simply feel the energy radiating from the full moon is all the proof of its magic that you need. However, astrology says there is proof that full moons contain a certain electricity of their own, and the December 2020 full moon ends the year on a high voltage note.

Why are full moons such a spiritually intense experience? Well, it evokes a sense of revelation, culmination, and possibly even reward. It creates change, closes chapters, and produces climactic moments in your life. It's often when the truth rises to the surface; the secret that you've been ignoring, avoiding, or unaware of all this time. A full moon is when the sun — ruler of your external self — and the moon — ruler of your internal self — forms an exact opposition, putting these two facets of your personality at odds. The sun is forced to shine some of its light upon the truth that the moon has been holding onto, revealing something about yourself and your world that might just change everything.

Everyone experiences each full moon differently and some might have a stronger effect on you than others. Since this upcoming full moon takes place in cardinal sign Cancer, it will leave the most profound impact on those born under the influence of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) within the degrees of 3 and 13. If you want to understand how this full moon will affect you specifically, look to the astrological house that Cancer rules over in your birth chart.

Luckily, there's no reason to overanalyze and worry, because this full moon is beautiful for several different reasons:


The Full Moon In Cancer Takes Place On Dec. 29 At 10:28 p.m. EST

When the full moon takes place in emotional, compassionate, and nurturing Cancer, it's bound to be a mystical and nourishing experience. For one thing, this is the zodiac sign that the moon rules over, meaning that the moon loves being in Cancer. No other zodiac sign expresses the moon's motherly, intuitive, and psychic expression in the pure, unadulterated way that Cancer does.

This full moon will also inspire you to harness your individuality and embrace what sets you apart from others. Opposing the sun in Capricorn as it forms a trine with progressive Uranus, this full moon is encouraging you to let your freak flag fly and create something of your own, not something that other people want you to create. However, it may feel difficult getting the words out or expressing whatever it is that you want to say thanks to the fact that this full moon will also oppose messenger Mercury.

The energy may feel tense during this full moon, as if you're building up to something. Mars, planet of passion and combat, will also be forming a square with the heavy-handed Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, potentially causing obstacles to arise and prove your worth. Nobody ever said winning would be easy, and if something seems too good to be true, make sure to judge your situation with a discerning eye. Romantic Venus will also be forming an exact square with disorienting Neptune, which may make it feel difficult for you to feel secure in your self-love and in your relationships. Focus on the facts and concentrate on actions rather than unfulfilled promises.

Taking place just before 2020 comes to a close, this full moon acts as a conduit for some of your most repressed and intense emotions. Moving through the sensitive realm of Cancer, this full moon asks you to let it all out and embrace the power that arrives upon feeling your true feelings. Let it guide you through your entrance into 2021.