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The Latest Full Moon Is About Fighting For What You Love


There's a reason so much lore and superstition surround the full moon. In astrology, the moon rules over your emotions and your inner world. When the moon is at its fullest, your subconscious tends to spill into your reality, creating drama, revealing truths, and bringing things full circle. Do werewolves really transform into their true forms on the full moon? Maybe not, but there's no doubt a certain magic gets unleashed during this lunation, and the December 2019 full moon is no different.

If you're wondering why the full moon is so powerful, it's because it happens at the moment the sun and the moon form an exact opposition in the sky. While the sun shines a light on you that all the world can see, the moon exists in the dark, where all unmentionable things go. Ever notice how the full moon reveals secrets and forces you to face your inner shadow? That's because the moon is blasting through the darkness and putting everything out on the table. You can't lie to the full moon. Depending on the feelings this lunation dredges up, a full moon may be the catalyst for immense change.

The upcoming full moon takes place in chatty, brainy, and open-minded Gemini. This mutable air sign is all about learning all there is to learn about a new topic, engaging in a healthy debate, and never losing interest in the world. Curiosity defines everything that Gemini is about and this curiosity grants Gemini the most malleable of minds. When a Gemini changes their mind, it's not necessarily because they're fickle; it's simply that they contain multitudes. When this full moon takes place, it will be time to see things from a new perspective. There's so much to learn when you look at something from the opposite end.

The Full Moon In Gemini Takes Place On Dec. 12 at 12:12 a.m. ET


You know a full moon is going to be special when it takes place on 12/12 at 12:12 a.m. Is that a sign from the cosmos or what? Whether you believe in synchronicity, it's pretty damn fascinating either way.

Each full moon is a uniquely impactful experience that's likely a blend of so many different emotions. This one, in particular, calls attention to your relationships. With Venus — planet of love and beauty — forming a conjunction with both inhibiting Saturn and passionate Pluto, you may feel drawn to a powerful and transcendent connection with someone. However, Saturn restricts while Pluto transforms. You may feel as though something is preventing you from being vulnerable, like your fear of getting hurt or your fear of being tied down. This presents your relationships with a true test. If you're willing to set aside your fears and commit to something long-lasting, this full moon could deepen your relationship and you'll never look back. On the other hand, it could sever a connection that was never all that deep to begin with.

Whether your relationships fall apart or come together, this full moon will remind you that it's all for the best. As driven Mars forms a trine with creative and dreamy Neptune, you're embracing your vision for the future and fighting for a reality that is filled with kindness, magic, and art. Need a reminder of your soul's purpose? This full moon will bring it. As Jupiter — planet of expansion — forms a trine with revolutionary Uranus, you're being rapidly pushed toward change, independence, and so much growth. Don't be afraid of trying something that scares you. If it means fighting for something you love, it's always worth doing.