Fans are leaving Bradley Cooper comments on Lady Gaga's Instagram

Can Bradley Cooper Fans Let Lady Gaga Snuggle With Her New BF In Peace?

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

People of Instagram, stop trying to make Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper happen. It's not going to happen. Despite the fact that Gaga is now Insta-official with her rumored new boo, tech CEO Michael Polansky, fans still are waiting for a Cooper-Gaga relationship to flourish, and the Bradley Cooper comments on Lady Gaga's Instagram are honestly, well... shallow. Did they have incredible chemistry in A Star Is Born? Yes. Did their 2019 Oscars performance make my small heart grow three sizes? Absolutely. But it wasn't love — it was a perfect illusion. There's a reason why they were nominated for best actor and actress, guys. Because they were acting.

I'm not going to pretend I didn't want Gaga and Cooper to happen, because I did. But these two never transitioned from friends to more-than-friends, and I've come to terms with that. However, just one look at the comments section of Gaga's latest Instagram posts proves that others have yet to accept this fact. After Gaga shared a pic of her and her maybe-BF Polansky cuddling on a boat on Feb. 3, fans didn't hold back from giving their two cents.

"THIS ISN'T BRADLEY COOPER," one user pointed out. Then there was a chorus of questions: "What happened to Bradley Cooper?" "Where tf is Bradley Cooper?" "Why is that not Bradley Cooper?" "Where's Bradley?" One user simply pointed out, "If Cooper was there, it would be better."

Honestly, it's time for everyone to make like Elsa and let it go.

Back in June 2019, after Gaga broke off her engagement with Christian Carino and Cooper split with long-time partner, Irina Shayk, fans felt sure that the two were poised to become Hollywood's hottest new couple. However, at one of her Las Vegas shows, Gaga reportedly told fans off after people in the crowd kept asking her where Cooper was, concluding her rant with "be kind or f*ck off." Mic drop.

Later, during a Nov. 2019 interview with Oprah Winfrey for Elle, Gaga attempted to dispel those relationship rumors for once and for all. "Quite frankly, I think the press is very silly," she said. "I mean, we made a love story. For me, as a performer and as an actress, of course we wanted people to believe that we were in love," later adding that their 2019 Oscars duet was "orchestrated as a performance."

Gaga and Cooper are not Ally and Jackson, and anyone still waiting for an IRL romance is more than likely wasting their time. So Cooper-Gaga shippers, how about you just let Gaga snuggle with her new bae in peace, K?