Namastay At These 5 Yoga Retreats This Summer & You Should, Too

On an average weekend, you always try to treat yourself to a little rest, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Sometimes, you may make an appointment to get your hair done or your nails painted the perfect shade of pastel pink. Other times, you might text your besties a message like, "Hey! Come to my apartment," and have an at-home spa afternoon. Together, you spend hours doing avocado and honey facials, and catching up on the latest beauty and fitness trends. This summer, you really want to take it up a notch, though, and namastay at one of the best yoga retreats for summer 2019.

Truth is, as much as you may love taking bubble baths and laying around in bed in a towel afterwards, it's not quite the soul-searching experience you're looking for. It brings your mind to ease at the end of a long day, and lets you disconnect from all your "real world" responsibilities. But, it doesn't make you feel empowered or overwhelmed with bliss.

I understand that. Your desires to travel the world, dive into downward-facing dog and other yoga poses, and find yourself, is totally justified. Just pinky promise me you'll spend 10 days or so this summer at one of these five retreats. They'll make waking up with the sun, learning about meditation, and going on a spitirual, smoothie-filled journey so much sweeter.

The Pearl Laguna, California
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First things first: Let's talk about a yoga retreat that's based on the West Coast: The Pearl Laguna. Located amongst the greenery of Laguna Canyon and only minutes away from the beautiful beach, is one of the best destinations for you and your besties this summer.

According to The Pearl Laguna's website, you can sign up for a week-long or multiple-week retreat. You'll be treated to a massage every single day and have access to a sauna where you can cleanse your body of any extra toxins. You'll be able to participate in two daily yoga classes, other fitness classes, and breathing exercises that will help you sleep better. (Um, yes please!)

The best part? In the morning, you'll go on a hike through the canyon, ditch your phone, and get back in touch with nature. A good pair of sneakers? Required.

The Standard Spa, Florida
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When you're thinking of relaxation and retreating from the "real world," you may not think of Miami Beach, Florida. But, it's actually one of the places that should be on your mind if you're looking for sun, surf, and all-things spa.

Specifically, you should be thinking about booking a stay at The Standard Spa and participating in one of their health and wellness retreats. You can sign up for one of their upcoming workshops, or simply hit your own virtual "refresh" button by hanging by the pool and indulging in hydrotherapy.

In addition, you should plan to wake up and take a sunrise yoga class. A few Instagram-worthy pictures of you doing a tree pose near the oceanfront, or eating a really colorful breakfast will be a #must.

Bliss Body Retreat
Bali Reatreat on YouTube

I'd be willing to hop on a long plane ride if palm trees and purposeful meditation was waiting for me on the other side. I'd pack up my suitcase, pay a little extra money for first class seating, and log off of social media in the true spirit of finding bliss.

Can you say the same? I think so, which is why I'm putting Bliss Body Retreat on your radar. With all kinds of packages and programs, from "Feminine Awakening" in Bali to "Paradise Immersion" in Zanzibar and "Divine Body" in Bali, there's something for everyone — including you and your besties.

During your namastay, you'll likely east lots of holistic-style meals and learn about the beauty of raw foods from chefs. You'll drink cold-pressed juices and feel like you're Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love, too. (Personally, I don't think it gets much better than this!)

The Yoga Farm, Costa Rica

When you think about your ideal yoga retreat, what do you imagine? For me, I think of wearing comfortable clothes 24/7, constantly stretching and breathing well, and drinking smoothies out of glass jars.

I also think about doing all of these things somewhere where the sky meets the ocean — aka, in Costa Rica at The Yoga Farm. With a focus on sustainability and community, it takes your visions, hopes, and dreams for a retreat and brings them to the next level. It will open your heart and mind to yoga, and also gives you the opportunity to meet other likeminded travelers. (Honestly, sign me up — like, right now.)

Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand
Absolute TV on YouTube

Last but not least is the Absolute Sanctuary in Thailand which will totally transform you. It'll teach you more about yoga, pilates, healthy food, and overall wellness. Most importantly, it'll push you to be your best self.

Now, you may center your entire trip to this beautiful country around this retreat and wellness excursion, or you may make it part of a larger mission to travel and see the world. You may take some time to visit big cities like Bangkok, and additional bucket list destinations like Phuket.

I would say do as much as possible, but also give yourself time to rest, relax, and have the rejuvenating experience you're looking for. After all, that's what summer is all about!