8 Best Apps To Download For A Plane Ride So That You Enjoy Your Time In The Clouds

As of right now, the only thing on your radar is your travel goals — and I don't blame you! There isn't a second that goes by when I'm not thinking about where in the world I want to explore and experience, too. Destinations like Indonesia, Iceland, and Portugal are currently on the top of my list. And one day, in the near future, I hope to catch a flight and recreate some of the memories that Julia Roberts made in Eat Pray Love. (Pasta and palm trees will be #necessary.) But, I'm also taking this spare time to gather some of the best apps to download for a plane ride, because I know there are some long flights ahead of me.

There are days when I'm never going to put my feet on the ground, and hours when I'll be squeezed into a window seat with barely any leg room. I'll be apologizing to the person next to me every time I need to grab a pair of headphones or a snack from my carry-on bag, because I'll be nudging them a bit. But, to me, that's really the only downside of traveling: the long flights that are required to get to your destination.

It's worth it, though, right? So many beautiful experiences await, and if you download these eight apps onto your phone, you'll actually enjoy your time in the clouds. Pinky promise.

1. Pinterest


First things first: Traveling means you need two things: an itinerary and some inspiration. Sure, you could argue that a suitcase, passport, and camera are crucial, too. But, for right now, let's assume that you already have those items good to go.

What you're really looking for is what to do, experience, eat, and see once you arrive at your destination. You want to know what restaurants are tried and true, according to fellow travelers, and what sights can't be missed.

That's where the Pinterest app comes in. It has all the information and inspiration you need to create a detailed itinerary and fire Instagram feed. Simply save photos and posts that spark your interest. (You'll be entertained for hours.)

2. Apple Podcasts

Apple Podcasts

Next up, download the Apple Podcasts app for so much entertainment when you're traveling. If you have an Apple device, then it's probably already on your phone. But, if not, grab it and start scrolling through all the categories and episodes you can get into.

There are podcasts dedicated to pop culture, funny stories, and friendship advice. Some will teach you about the world or how to start a business on social media. Catch up on one, or listen to a bunch of different episodes to find your favorite hosts. (Personally, I love "What We Said" with influencer, Jaci Marie Smith, and health coach, Chelsey Jade Curtis.) It won't disappoint, especially when you're cruising in the sky.

3. Spotify


I have Spotify downloaded on my phone because it has a lot of perks, especially when you're traveling. For one, it allows you to search for playlists that are curated to different atmospheres or environments. There are "chill" playlists full of soft rock and alternative jams, and "happy hits" for when you're feeling excited and ready to take on the world. There are even podcasts you can listen to, if music — dare I say it — starts to get old. It truly has a little bit of everything, and always delivers when you're head and headphones are in the clouds.

4. CityMaps2Go


I've been a fan of the CityMaps2Go app ever since I studied abroad. One of the girls I knew from my university who had recently traveled to Europe told me about all of its helpful features. I instantly hit "download," knowing that I was about to be somewhere I'd never been before.

I looked at the maps of cities like Florence, Barcelona, London, and Rome, and began memorizing the streets. I found and pinned restaurants I wanted to check out, and cool museums I heard about online.

When I got to my destination, I was so stoked, because I could track where I was on the map without using WiFi or data. It made me feel more comfortable and like a local in this brand new place. Long story short: Don't miss out on it, either, OK?

5. Duolingo


If you're going to be on a plane for a while, that may mean you're traveling to another country that has an entirely different language. You're beyond excited to embrace it all.

But, why wait until you touch down to learn a few new words or how to say phrases like, "How are you today?" You can download the Duolingo app and get all that information while you're on-the-go.

This app teaches you a new language of your choice by guiding you through fun, various lessons. I found it truly helpful before studying abroad and before my latest trip to Italy. I think it'll be helpful for you, too!

6. TripAdvisor


Like some of the other apps you have on your phone for travel inspo, the TripAdvisor app will help you plan your trip. It'll recommend restaurants and excursions, no matter where you're going in the world, so that you can make the most of the days you have in your destination.

For example, if you're going to Tokyo, Japan, it'll take the advice and ratings of real people who have been there and done that, and curate a list for you. It'll tell you the top things to do this time of the year, and even help you book hotel rooms and tours. What more could you ask for?

7. Netflix


From my personal experience, most long flights come with entertainment options. There are television screens at every seat, with thousands of movies and shows to watch. But, if you're picky or really into a current sitcom or franchise, then I suggest downloading the Netflix app before take-off.

Sign in or create an account for access to all the flicks and specials from your favorite comedians. Start (and maybe, finish) popular series like Parks and Recreation, New Girl, or The Office. You can scroll through all the episodes of Queer Eye that you haven't seen yet, but really want to. Download them onto your phone so that you don't need to pay for WiFi to watch them, and then hit play. Time will surely fly by.

8. Tumblr


Last but not least, every trip comes with a thousand opportunities for the 'Gram. The colorful houses stacked into the cliff sides of the Amalfi Coast are the perfect backdrop for pics, and the bustling streets of Bangkok are bound to get a lot of likes. Do yourself a favor and get your #content prepped on the plane, so that you know exactly where to angle your lens once you land.

Start by downloading the Tumblr app and creating your own profile, like you would on any form of social media. Search for your destination, and follow travel accounts that spark your wandering soul. Then, spend a little time gathering photos of palm trees or picturesque skylines, and enjoy being in the clouds.