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The Best Virtual Games To Play On Mother’s Day Will Bring Your Whole Fam Together

Celebrating your mom from a distance may seem less exciting than your usual brunch with mimosas and presents galore. But, having a virtual celebration gives you the opportunity to bring everyone in your fam together, no matter what coast they live near. Not to mention, it can get incredibly lively thanks to these virtual games for Mother's Day that just might be even better than your mom's go-to margarita placed next to a heaping plate of bacon and eggs.

They're so fun-filled that your mom or the mom figure in your life may propose putting a virtual happy hour in the books next, so you can laugh with your people and show off your competitive side again. The truth is, even though you're not by her side this weekend and keeping up with your annual traditions like going to get your nails done, she's beyond excited to spend quality time with you and your siblings virtually.

To her, the best gift you could give her on Mother's Day is time with the people she loves, playing games, catching up, and looking back on sweet memories. Here are the 10 virtual games you should play this weekend with everyone to celebrate your mom.

1. Mother's Day Bingo

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First up, take some inspiration from some of the other virtual bingo games you may have played. Create one that completely revolves around your mom in celebration of Mother's Day. You can fill the boxes on the board with items like "drink a mimosa," "open or give a present," and "send a sweet text." Whenever one of your family members does one of those items, it'll be in true spirit of the holiday.

2. Sip, Sip, Hooray

Give your mom the spotlight on Mother's Day, and make her feel like she's hosting her own cooking show called "Sip, Sip, Hooray." Allot a half hour of your celebration to this game where she can make whatever cocktails she would like, and coach you through the steps to make your own at home. She'll adore sharing her skills and sips with you.

3. Would She Rather...

"Would She Rather..." will really test you and your closest family members. It'll require you to reveal your mom's preferences on television shows, snacks, and famous people. Before your crew plays, be sure to design and distribute a printable that they can follow along with. It'll make playing this game virtually so much more fun and simple.

4. Pics Or It Didn't Happen

Your mom probably has tons of scrapbooks and photo albums commemorating your family vacations, first days of school, and backyard adventures. Now is the time to go through them and play "Pics Or It Didn't Happen." Create a list of various recitals, proms, or weekend trips you've gone on together and see who in your crew can find a picture of that moment the quickest. If you never delete the photos in your camera roll, you're bound to dominate this game, too.

5. Let's NamaSTAY At Home

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Essentially, "Let's NamaSTAY At Home" is all about seeing who can hold different yoga poses the longest. Start by giving your family members a pose to do like tree pose, a backbend, or crow. Then, at the same time, get into position and have a unique kind of celebration.

6. The World's Greatest Waffle

You're not sitting down at a restaurant and having your typical brunch with your mom on Mother's Day, but that doesn't mean you can't treat yourselves to some waffles. Do yourself a favor and play "The World's Greatest Waffle" which requires each of your family members to hit their kitchen and put together the breakfast food of their dreams. Your mom gets to rate who's is the best based on presentation, creativity, and skill.

7. Advice Column

Nobody gives advice like your mom, and during this game — conveniently titled "Advice Column" — you get to tap into the advice only your mom could give. To play, come up with some scenarios such as, "I'm crushing on my best friend but I don't know if I should do anything about it," and "I can't decide if I should study abroad or travel after college." Then, give your mom a chance to do what she does best.

8. Name That Nail Color

How well does your mom know her nail polish colors? Find out with "Name That Nail Color." Prep an entire spa-like scene, by changing your background on Zoom to waterfall or a picture-perfect jungle scene. Then, grab your mom's favorite polishes from your bathroom and see if your mom knows what unique names they go by.

9. Gone Hiking

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Spring has sprung, and you and your mom can celebrate the holiday and nice weather by going on a virtual hike. To do this, you just need to change your backgrounds on Zoom, or cue up a virtual tour of a national park on your laptops. Then, you get to play "guide" and bring your mom to the niftiest spots to see mountaintops and beautiful trees.

10. Fashion Show

Last but not least, give your mom a chance to show off some chic #looks and play "Fashion Show." Put on some music that sets the tone for the show, and watch as she struts down the hallway in her sundresses or favorite hats. Record the entire thing to look back on during future Mother's Day celebrations.