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15 Virtual Bingo Game Ideas That Are Total Winners & Worth Playing RN

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When it comes to virtual happy hour games, your college besties, family members, and long-distance pals have tried it all. You've played classics like "Never Have I Ever" and "Truth or Dare," and even hosted scavenger hunts from the comfort of your individual apartments. Take things up a notch with these virtual bingo game ideas that are total winners and well-worth playing right now.

From the moment you sketch out the fun-filled boards on your tablet or phone, and send them out to everyone in your crew, you'll be so excited. You'll anxiously await your cousins and BFF's reactions, which will likely be so encouraging and over-the-top ecstatic, too. They may ask if there are going to be prizes such as a gift card to their favorite restaurant or a sweet package of snacks sent to their home. They may propose having a bunch of virutal happy hours throughout the next few weeks, where you play a different board with a different theme each time.

It's totally up to you to take the reins and design the bingo game of your dreams. You're in charge of scheduling a time when everyone will gather on FaceTime or Zoom to play, and of deciding what the prizes will be, if there are prizes involved. Here are 15 virtual bingo game ideas that'll be total winners to get you started.

Have You Ever...
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First up, turn "Never Have I Ever" into a bingo game with "Have You Ever...". In each box, write something that people may have done such as gone skydiving, been on a blind date, or attended a red carpet event. Whoever has done that item gets to cross it off. (Pro tip: There are a ton of templates on Pinterest for this one!)

Just College Student Things

Are you having a virtual happy hour with your college besties? If so, jot down a bunch of items that only college students have done, will understand, and be able to cross off in each of those bingo boxes. Include items like: showed up late for a morning class, couldn't find a parking space on campus, and joined an ultimate frisbee league. It'll give you a chance to relive some mems.

Welcome To The '90s

Where are the '90s kids at? This version of bingo is for you. It's all about checking off what games, shows, and fashion-forward items you loved during your childhood. Everything from denim overalls, to butterfly clips, and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air will be included and re-appreciated with this game.

Would You Rather...

During your virtual happy hours, you may warm up the crowd with a game of "Would You Rather." That's well and good. But, have you considered turning this tried and true activity into a bingo board? Simply fill in the blank boxes with firm and bold choices like, "I would rather lose my luggage than have a flight be delayed by eight hours." Then, see where the conversation naturally goes.

Call Me A Travel Blogger
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If your group has been around the world and back, then you'll want to opt for "Call Me A Travel Blogger." In this game, your bingo boxes are filled with items like "My luggage has gotten lost," and "I've been to three different continents." The more well-traveled you are, the better chance you have at winning.

The Secret's Out

Odds are, everyone in your group has a secret they would tell if given the chance. They'd admit they peed in your pool as a kid, or accidentally set up your best friend on a terrible blind date. Spill the tea with "The Secret's Out" — a bingo game designed to get everyone on the same, hilarious page.

Well, That's Embarrassing

Have you ever done something so awkward that it still makes you cringe a little bit when you think about it? Have you and your best friend accidentally worn the same exact outfit? It's time for those embarrassing moments to shine. Jot down the moments that could've happened to people in your group like "I thought I ran into a famous person, but I didn't." Then, cringe together.

Been There, Marathon-Watched That

The movie and TV buffs in your group will have heart eyes for "Been There, Marathon-Watched That." They'll be checking off the boxes for Fleabag, Euphoria, and the latest movies from the Star Wars franchise. If you're one of them, you'll surely win this bingo game with ease.

Written In The Stars
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Calling all astrology lovers. "Written In The Stars" is for you. It's designed to have you take a closer look at your life, friendships, and relationships. Each box questions whether you've fallen in love with an Aries, or befriended a Virgo. Some can even speak to your star sign and say, "Done spring cleaning like a Libra," or "Listened to oldies music like a Capricorn."

Summer Lovin'

Daydreaming about summer is always a great idea. "Summer Lovin'" will help you get in a sun-kissed mindset, by having you and your friends check off items like "Owns five beach towels," or "Has been to an island in the Caribbean." Be prepared with sunscreen and a good book for afterwards, when you'll likely want to lay out in your backyard.

What's In Your Fridge?

Open up your fridge and pantry for this bingo game that's all about snacks and delicious food. Each box has a item you can find at the grocery store like apples, oranges, Oreos, or a can of beans. Everyone who has those items gets to cross of those boxes, and potentially say, "Bingo!"

Get Ready With Me

For this bingo game, adorably called "Get Ready With Me," you have to browse through your makeup and beauty products. In your screen, you have to show off your brushes, palettes, or a jade roller you totally swear by. Then, you get to check off the boxes for them and give your recommendations to your BFFs or fam.

Will You Accept This Rose?
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Are you a self-proclaimed member of Bachelor Nation? "Will You Accept This Rose?" will challenge your knowledge, love, and insight about the show. Each box on your board will say something like, "Watched the drama with Peter's mom live," and "Was rooting for Mike to be the next bachelor." You can check off what applies to you.

That's Annoying AF

Everyone is annoyed by something, right? Whether it's the gum stuck under a picnic table or the way your roomie leaves dirty dishes in the sink — well, you could go on and on. Put anything you can think of that may be annoying in your bingo boxes, and see what your friends and family members say. You just may be surprised at their results.

Let's Break The Ice

Last but not least, if you're just trying to break the ice with a group of co-workers or even your friends during virtual happy hour, then play "Let's Break The Ice." Fill your bingo board with items like "Just got married," or "Allergic to peanuts." Let each person share their board when it's complete so you can get to know them better.

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