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The Best Times To Book Vacation Homes In 2020 Are Here & Budget-Friendly

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As much as you might want to "travel more" in the new year and see the dreamiest destinations around the world, you'd also love to "save more." You'd love to open the bank app on your phone and watch your account balances steadily grow, and not cringe when your bills are due. Believe it or not, it's possible to conquer both of those resolutions — especially now that the best times to book vacation rentals in 2020, according to Vrbo, have been revealed.

Having this knowledge in your back pocket is going to be life-changing as you start planning the trips you want to take and checking items off your ever-growing bucket list. It's going to take away the guilt which can come with booking a trip that's slightly out of your price range by allowing you to stick to your budget goals and chill in luxe places with ease. Sure, you might have to rearrange what days you were planning to take off of work or catch a flight sooner than you originally thought. But that's no issue, right?

You can pack a suitcase with the essentials in minutes, and are always ready to score some epic deals. Without further ado, these are the best times to book vacation homes — and the best places to book them — in 2020, according to Vrbo, the company connecting travelers with places to stay on their upcoming vacations and trips.

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First things first: Let's talk about spring break. If you're in college, you've likely had this week on your radar for months. If you haven't booked a tropical trip or fun-filled cruise yet, that's OK. According to Vrbo, the best time to finalize your reservations in 2020 is before Feb. 10, and you should set your sights on trendy destinations like Breckenridge, Colorado; Gulf Shores, Alabama; and Scottsdale, Arizona. This time slot is right before most people are booking their trips, so you can score the coolest accommodations at an ideal price.

Melanie Fish, Vrbo family travel expert, said in the official press release, "The key is to book before traffic on the Vrbo app peaks so you’ll find the best selection of vacation homes for the amount you want to pay. There are clear times when demand surges, and booking your stay before that surge ensures you’ll get that house with a pool right on the beach."

When it comes to Memorial Day weekend and your summer vacations, the best time to book is by April 20 and April 30, respectively. Did you want to head to the shore for Fourth of July? Make sure your plans are in your calendar and confirmed by May 25. It may seem a little forward to text your besties in the group chat and ask about what you're doing for Labor Day weekend in the peak of summer. But according to Vrbo, it's in your best interest to get ahead of the game and book everything by July 28.


Of course, there's always holiday travel in 2020 to consider as well — even though the holiday season just came to a close. You have a little time to plan your vacations back home to see family, or to a tropical destination for a palm tree-filled Christmas. Vrbo suggests booking your Turkey Day trip by Oct. 21, and any skiing-related excursions by Oct. 30. Places like Sevierville, Tennessee and Kissimmee, Florida will be particularly sweet for sharing Thanksgiving dinner with the ones you love.

Now, you don't necessarily have to book your vacation homes and figure out your trip details by these dates. But if you're interested in the best deals and steals, then adhering to these guidelines might be a good idea. Vrbo notes in the official press release that being flexible when planning is also key, so you can travel more and save more in 2020.