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10 Easy Ways To Check Off Your "Travel More" Resolution In 2020

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Here's the deal: This is the year you're actually going to travel more. You aren't just going to jot down this dreamy resolution and then not book a flight to somewhere on your bucket list. In addition, you're not going to wait for a detailed itinerary to fall into your lap. Instead, you may see the Eiffel Tower, dance on the beach in Australia, and embrace all the easy ways you can travel more in 2020.

Truth be told, traveling can be easy. In my experience, it simply requires willingness to think outside of the box. In order to see the world, you need to have an open heart and mind, and set attainable expectations for yourself. These expectations may be to try a type of cuisine you've never had before, or come up with a routine for when you're in an airport. Either way, they should be broad so that the journey you go on can truly define them.

Once you start participating in all things related to travel, you'll find that it doesn't matter where you are in the world — whether that be in your home city or across an ocean. You're in a destination. You're traveling, taking pics, making memories, and expanding your horizons. It's that simple. Here are 10 easy ways to travel more in 2020. Ready, jet-set, go.

Purchase A Good Suitcase
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If you're going to "travel more," then you need to have a good suitcase and carry-on bag. Purchasing an Away weekender, a BÉIS roller, or something similar will ensure that you see the world in style and don't have to worry about your stuff when you're on the go. Be sure to pick up a lock as well, so you can protect your belongings, and a luggage tag, so you can easily find your bag on the belt at baggage claim.

Get Or Renew Your Passport

In 2020, if you want to travel more, you need to get a passport or make sure the one you have is ready and renewed. Do this by filling out the necessary paperwork and paying the necessary fees. The trip you've been waiting to take is on the other side.

Research Your Desired Destinations

Planning a trip can be tedious, but once you start researching your desired destinations, you'll probably feel inspired and like you have a better grasp on the city, beachy oasis, or snowy mountain town you want to explore. When you have a spare moment, just start. Pull out your laptop, find Airbnbs or hotels in your price range, and get a gist of the excursions you want to take. It's a step in the right direction.

Download The Best Travel Apps
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One of the best parts of traveling nowadays is you don't have to rely on a paper map. There are travel apps for your phone that'll get you around other countries, help you plan the road trip of your dreams, or connect you to aesthetically-pleasing and comfortable places to stay. Start your travel journey this year by downloading them and checking out their features. You may just come across an incredible flight deal or an eatery you have to try.

Take A Staycation

The key to checking off any resolution is to take baby steps toward your goal. If your resolution is to "travel more," then you should start your adventuring with a staycation in your city or town. This will get you into #travelmode, give you a chance to try out your new suitcase, and learn how to book a hotel room and make reservations on your own. Plus, a local trip will give you a new appreciation for where you live and everything it has to offer.

Visit Your Long-Distance Bestie

Whether you've taken flights before, or you are navigating airports for the first time in 2020, visiting your long-distance bestie will be a good way to "travel more." For one, it'll make you feel more comfortable with the security lines and bustling gates, and let you explore a spot where you have your very own tour guide.

Tour A City With Your Significant Other

Having your significant other by your side when you're seeing the world in 2020 will land you with some sweet pics and romantic moments in your new favorite places. Together, you can plan out a day or two in a city you've been crushin' on, making sure that you have time to see all the sights.

Spend A Weekend In The Outdoors

Whether you decide to go camping, visit a national park, or head to the beach in your state for a few days in a row, spending a weekend outdoors will surely get you closer to checking off your "travel more" resolution. You may hike winding trails, swim in massive waterfalls, and make s'mores as the sun begins to set. You'll see natural beauty with your own two eyes and maybe channel a different side of the adventurer in you.

Read A Ton Of Wanderlust-Filled Books

Reading wanderlust-filled books can bring you closer to your new year's resolution as well. It'll transport you to another time and place. Throughout the year when you don't have the funds to purchase a plane ticket, or things are too busy to leave for a #vacay, opt for this easy way to "travel more."

Plan And Go On One International Trip
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When you're scrolling through Instagram, it might be hard not to define traveling as catching flights and continuously exploring new places. Travel influencers can set the standard high, but planning and going on one — just one — international trip this year can seal your "travel more" deal. It'll round out the other travel-related experiences you're going to have in 2020, and add something major to your travel repertoire.