15 Attainable Travel Goals That'll Take Your Year To The Next Level

In the back of your mind or in a note on your phone, you might have a bucket list. It may have a series of bullet points motivating you to catch a flight in the new year. It may encourage you to try something you never have before, and it makes your adrenaline start pumping at even the thought of it. For the purpose of this article, though, you need to make a fresh list dedicated solely to your travel goals for 2020.

Because, although your bucket list is filled with great ideas of things to do, destinations to check out, and cuisine to try, you need to break it down. If you really want to "travel more" in 2020, then you should consider giving yourself some guidelines — create bullet points for those bullet points, and take your experiences one magical moment at a time.

To figure out your nitty, gritty goals, you could pick a few list items that seem easy and attainable for you right now, and imagine your ideal trip. You could also scroll down a little bit and pick out some travel goals I've created for 2020 that speak to your wandering soul. (How perfect, huh?)

Watch The Sun Set Over The Ocean

Every trip should come with a sunset. It's not a rule, per say, but it is a solid piece of advice — especially if you want a trip to feel more magical. It gives you time to reflect on what you've done during your getaway. Spice up the experience in 2020 by watching a sunset that takes place over the ocean.

Spend Your Birthday In A New Destination

Have you ever celebrated your birthday while on a trip? If not, then 2020 is your year to take your balloons, confetti, and cake elsewhere. Make it a checked-off goal now by planning where you want to go, what hotel you want to stay at, and booking a couple of plane tickets, too. Then, prepare for magic.

See Someone Propose To Their SO

Love is in the air in 2020, and when you're traveling, it would be pretty sweet if you saw someone propose to their SO. You'd be a happy bystander, clapping after they said "yes" and probably snapping a few pics, too. You can't control this goal, but you could travel to a romantic city like Paris and potentially see a happy couple get engaged.

Take Pictures With A Vintage Or Neon Sign

You may always be on the lookout for vintage signs and neon lights when you're traveling. They make for the best photo opps and coolest content for the 'Gram. This year, make it your mission to find one in every place you go, and see how different and unique they are.

Purchase A Magazine In Another Language
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One of the sweetest parts of traveling to other countries is experiencing another culture. This includes eating different foods — sometimes at different times — participating in different traditions, and seeing magazines on stands in different languages. Pick one of those magazines up, purchase it, and let it commemorate your trip abroad, OK?

Go On Walking Tours Guided By Locals

Arguably the easiest and most rewarding way to get to know a destination is by going on walking tours led by locals. It can give you a chance to see more of the place you're in and get to know the history and stories behind the buildings and bustling downtown market. In 2020, go on one in every place you visit — big or small, close to home or abroad.

Meet Up With Your Social Media Friends

The beauty of social media is that it's brought a lot of people together, and odds are, you may have a few close friends you've met solely through Instagram. During your travels this year, make arrangements to meet up with these BFFs and see the world together.

Go To A Show For Your Favorite Artist
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Is your favorite artist touring in the new year? Get tickets to one of their shows around the world. That's right. Skip out on the venues that are close to home and pick one in a city you've been longing to visit. The good vibes and sweet times will be worth the extra money you spend on airfare, adventuring, and accommodations.

Make Meals In Your Hotel Suite Or Airbnb

Traveling can get expensive real quick. That's why, in the new year, you should consider making food in your hotel suite or Airbnb. At the beginning of your trip, go to the market and pick up some fresh ingredients to dine in when you can. It will create more space in your budget for future trips and excursions.

Have A Picnic In A Cute Park

Having a picnic in a cute park is an easy and attainable travel goal to set for 2020. To do this, just grab a backpack and load it with fresh fruit, a crisp baguette, and tasty cheese, and head to a cozy patch of grass in your destination. Spoiler alert: It'll be picture-perfect.

Rent A Car And Drive Around Your Destinations

Is there a lot you want to see in a single destination? Are you staying a hotel or Airbnb that's slightly outside of a major city? Rent a car and drive around the place like you're a local. It'll ensure that you do and see everything, and get as authentic experience as possible.

See A Major Sight Or Attraction

Right now, you have one year to create and accomplish some travel goals. That's plenty of time to see at least one major sight or attraction around the world. Whether that be Cinderella's castle at Disney World, the Eiffel Tower, or the famous lighthouse in the town next to yours? That's up to you.

Put Together A Video Of Your Trip When You Get Home

Every trip is lived through twice. Once, when you're on it and experiencing every memory for the first time. Second, when you get home and tell your family members and besties about what you did and saw. Make sure you never forget a moment by putting together video from each of your trips in 2020.

Wake Up Earlier On Your Vacations
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If you tend to sleep in on vacations, you may be missing out on a lot of time you could be spending on once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Make the most of your trips in 2020 and have a goal to wake up earlier, treat yourself to a giant breakfast, and start your exciting itinerary.

Don't Post On Social Media While You're Traveling

In the new year when you're jet-setting around the world, you could make it your goal to not post on social media. You could take a bunch of pictures of the views from a top of a mountain, your hotel room, or the plates of homemade pasta you had at a tiny restaurant. But instead of uploading them in real time so your followers can instantly give them a like, you can wait. It might just make your trips a little more magical.