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The Best Month For Romance, According To Your Zodiac Sign

by Valerie Mesa
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If you've ever used the phrase, "Love is in the air," then you're well aware of its seasonal influence. Love is patient and kind, but it's not a walk in the park nor the easiest to find. Therefore, the best month for romance, according to your zodiac sign, might be everything you never knew you needed. Now, for those of you feeling rather skeptical of my decision-making process, not to worry. I'm going to tell you exactly how I will be predicting your ultimate season of love.

The astrology wheel is infinite, but all 12 astrological houses belong to a specific zodiac sign. Now, whichever sign the sun — or any celestial body — is traveling through at the moment, determines the celestial mood overall. It's like when the sun's traveling through Libra, (Sept. 23 through Oct. 23) and everyone's suddenly getting cuffed in time for the winter. However, despite the energy being felt at a collective level, everyone experiences the astrological season differently, according to their birth chart. Some houses are more romantic than others, so you'll just have to wait for the sun to come through.

On that note, let's get right to it. This is your best month for romance, according to your zodiac sign:


Aries: Mid-July To August

The summer's always sizzling for you, Aries. This is especially true once the sun enters Leo and your expressive fifth house of joy, creativity, passion, and individuality. You want your significant other to worship you, and this fiery season is swirling with romance.

Taurus: Mid-August To September

Virgo season has you crushing, Taurus. The moment the sun enters this meticulous earth sign via your sassy fifth house of arts and crafts, you'll be as smitten as ever. What can I say? Putting in the work brings you pleasure.

Gemini: Mid-September To October

Trick or treat, Gemini. There's something mysteriously intriguing about the fall season, but once the sun slides into irresistible Libra, you're in for quite a ride. With the sun dancing provocatively via your flirtatious fifth house of passion, falling in love is inevitable.

Cancer: Mid-October To November

Slay, Cancer. You're probably one of the few people who aren't naturally intimidated by the sultry essence of Scorpio season. On the contrary, this is when you're most likely to come out of your shell. Just in time for a sexy Halloween, this season feels like a rush of passionate adrenaline.

Leo: Mid-November To December


Love feels like an adventure for you, Leo. Spontaneous Sagittarius is the ruler of your lovable fifth house, which just so happens to be your house of rulership. This is why you're typically smitten during the holiday season.

Virgo: Mid-December To January

Cozy up to your sweet love, Virgo. The winter is your season of love and it's because conservative Capricorn is the ruler of your romantic fifth house of amore. Charming courtship is highly likely during this time.

Libra: Mid-January To February

You're everyone's Valentine, Libra. With the sun shaking up your passionate fifth house of romance all throughout Aquarius season, it's no wonder you, and everyone around you, glimmer with heart-eyes.

Scorpio: Mid-February To March

Your passion is out of this world, Scorpio. Dreamy Pisces governs your romantic fifth house of love, which is why so many of you are attracted to artists and musicians. Needless to say, the top of the winter has your name on it.

Sagittarius: Late March To Early April


You love a new spring fling, Sagittarius. When the sun enters red-hot Aries during the spring equinox, it immediately activates your lusty fifth house of love. This fresh energy brings you loads of confidence, too!

Capricorn: Late April To Early May

Just in time for Beltane (May 1), Capricorn. Every year, when Taurus season rolls around, you unapologetically indulge in sensual pleasures and romantic delights. You're not the lovey-dovey type, but this season is a well-deserved exception.

Aquarius: Late May To Early June

Flirting is your favorite, Aquarius. Curious Gemini rules your seductive fifth house of love; hence, your insatiable need for mentally stimulating variety in the romance department. Use your words and don't be afraid to test your luck during this time.

Pisces: Mid-June To July

Nothing like a summer romance, right, Pisces? Despite your hopeless-romantic personality, you always get lucky during Cancer season. With the sun beaming through your sentimental fifth house of unrequited love, it won't be long before you fall head over heels.

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