The Best Last-Minute Halloween Costume For You, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The countdown to Halloween has begun! Hopefully you've already ordered candy in bulk and are watching a whole lot of spooky movies, like, every single day. 'Tis the season, you know? But, I must admit, the one thing that can cause stress when it comes to All Hallows' Eve is your actual plan for a Halloween costume. Maybe this year you've been busy AF, and you're realizing that you're going to have to slap something together at the last minute. Well, lucky for you, I've rounded up the best last-minute Halloween costumes for your zodiac sign. After all, what better way to pick a costume than to look to the stars for inspiration?

Overall, when it comes to a Halloween costume, there's nothing more satisfying than knowing you totally nailed the idea you were going for and put minimal effort into the whole thing. I mean, hey, you love Halloween as much as the next person, but who has time to DIY an elaborate costume ahead of time when it's peak fall season and there are delicious apples to pick, pumpkins to carve, and horror movies galore to marathon?

With the help of astrologer Patricia Clark Hippolyte, I've figured out the perfect last-minute Halloween costume for each of the 12 zodiac signs. So get ready friends, and rest assured that, with just a few simple materials, you'll be well on your way to finding the best, most astrologically accurate costume ever.

Aquarius: A Cloud
Melissa Denise on YouTube

Aquarius, what better way to honor your air sign than to embody a cloud for Halloween?

For real, though, this costume is about as simple as it gets. Take a white sweatshirt (bonus points if you go the extra mile and wear some white sweatpants, too), and pick up some fluffy cotton and fabric glue at the craft store — that's literally all you need.

In the video above, YouTuber and artist Melissa Denise actually sews cotton to an umbrella and makes that her cloud. But glue will do, too, and trust, you can definitely create this costume on the fly, regardless of whether you personally become the cloud, or you decide to take a cue from Denise on the umbrella detail.

Pisces: Shark

Normally, my sweet, emotional Pisces, you're more of the Koi variety, or perhaps a fighter fish. But on All Hallows' Eve, it's the perfect time to bring out the teeth.

As for a costume? Amazon Prime is a godsend, my friend. Pop on this mask and you are done.

Aries: Football Player

Look, I'm not a big sports person, but I do know there's a football team called The Rams, and that they're based in Los Angeles. What I also know is that you happen to share something in common with this team, Aries: its mascot! If you happen to own a Rams jersey, or know someone who'd let you borrow theirs for Halloween night, that's perfect. But, a regular ol' jersey will do, too — much like a football player, you charge forward in life, and you never let anyone or anything get in your way.

Once you've got your jersey, do that thing football players do where they put a stripe of black paint below their eyes to protect themselves from the sun's glare. Ta-da!

Taurus: Homer Simpson

As Hippolyte tells me, Homer Simpson is a bit overindulgent in his personality, not to mention a little, you know, on the slobbish side. According to the astrologer, these are the stereotypical "flaws" of a Taurus, and as we all know, Halloween is the perfect time to poke fun at your flaws.

"More is more with a Taurus," Hippolyte tells Elite Daily — and that is classic Homer Simpson. He eats what he wants (donuts), he drinks what he wants (beer), and he does what he wants.

As for a costume, all you need is a white polo shirt, yellow face paint, a can of beer, and, if you want to go the extra mile, you can glue some white foam balls to a pair of sunglasses to recreate those big eyes Homer Simpson is known for. Granted, you probably won't be able to wear those glasses all night long, but it'll be great for when people ask who you're dressed up as for Halloween.

Gemini: A Spilled Drink
HanDIY Tutorials on YouTube

If you're wondering why a Gemini would be a spilled drink for Halloween, Hippolyte says it's because this sign is known to be a social butterfly, not to mention a bit of a gossip. They spill the tea whenever there is tea to be spilled — get it?

The easiest way to execute this costume is to simply get a white t-shirt and spill coffee on it, then staple or glue a paper coffee cup to the t-shirt as well. However, there are some other, very adorable ways to create this costume, too. For instance, as shown in the HanDIY Tutorials video above, you can glue a cup and a soda bottle to a headband, and simply make a "spill" out of either your own ponytail, or even construction paper.

Cancer: A Baby

As Hippolyte tells Elite Daily, Cancers are all about their moms, and are known to be ~in their feelings~ a lot of the time.

This isn't a bad thing, BTW — you're just an expressive person! So get yourself a pair of footie pajamas and a bottle, and celebrate Halloween as a toddler. If nothing else, you'll definitely be the coziest person at the costume party.

Virgo: A Ruler

A ruler is perfect for a Virgo, says Hippolyte. And why is that? It's all about precision, my friend. You are organized. You get it done. And you get it done well.

And hey, maybe you can get a friend to dress up as the "work of art" or the "math problem" you helped them create or solve with your precision.

Libra: Nurse

Libra, you're a thoughtful person who's always looking for ways to take care of the people you love most. And according to Hippolyte, your caring side will shine brightest (and cheekiest) if you play right into it and put on some scrubs for Halloween.

Scorpio: A Shadow

Nobody throws shade like you, Scorpio. It's a gift, it's a curse, it's just who you are. So cover yourself in black clothes, and throw on a pair of dark sunglasses while you're at it, too. Just make sure you wear reflectors if you go out and trick or treat.

Leo: A Princess

Hippolyte says princess is an obvious choice for a Leo — and there is nothing wrong with being a princess, my friend. You're the star of the show, and Halloween is the perfect time to show it. Grab your fanciest dress with the poofiest skirt, pull on a pair of white gloves, top it all off with a tiara, and you're ready for your night out.

Capricorn: You Should Be In Bed Already, So Dress The Part

As Hippolyte tells Elite Daily, if a Capricorn even makes it to their squad's Halloween party, they may as well just show up in their robe, PJs, and slippers, because TBH, they'd probably rather be relaxing at home in their comfiest, coziest clothes than stuck in a tight, uncomfortable costume. It's just how you roll, Cap.

Sagittarius: A Backpacker

You travel the most of all the signs, Sagittarius. So, why not pretend, just for Halloween night, that you're backpacking around Europe?

All you'll need is a map or two, some hiking clothes, and a big backpack. You know you already have the costume in your closet.