A happy couple points to an apple while in an apple orchard on a sunny fall day.
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30 Apple Picking Puns That Are As Sweet As The Pie You'll Make Later


Fall is just about here, and you know what that means: It's time to embrace the season and partake in every autumn activity. With so much to do, you can’t forget to squeeze in an apple picking adventure and posting your sweetest snapshots on the ‘Gram with these apple picking puns. Your calendar is filling up quickly with backyard spooky movie nights with your roomies and sippin’ as many pumpkin spice lattes as you can, but a visit to a farm for apple picking should be a priority.

Usually pumpkin takes centerstage as the food of the fall, but apples are also in season and as delicious as ever. There are so many tasty pies, ciders, and pastries you can make with a whole orchard of apples at home, so you’ll want to stock up as soon as possible. Instead of just going to the grocery store, you can go straight to the source for a fun farm day with your partner. While you're finding the best apples on the trees, snap some cute photos to share on your feed or in your Insta Story. Get one of you on your partner’s shoulders reaching up for an apple or one of you holding your barrel of vibrant picks.

When it’s time to share your favorite snaps, use any of these 30 apple picking puns as your caption. These puns can even be used to caption your foodie pics of all the baked goods you end up making at home with your apples. They’ll even work for your fall #OOTD pics in your fave oversized sweater and Doc Martens, because a good pun will always make your posts more a-peel-ing.

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1. "Have an apple-solutely wonderful day."

2. "And they lived apple-y ever after."

3. "We're having hardcore fun this fall."

4. "My core values are: be kind, caring, curious, and hungry for more apples."

5. "I'd like to apple-ogize for the pun."

6. "I love you to your core."

7. "If you were a fruit, you'd be one fine-apple."

8. "I just know that you will become the apple of my pie."

9. "I couldn't have picked better friends."

10. "This adventure was just too a-peel-ing to turn down.”

11. "I've got all the in-cider information."

12. "I’m apple-y in love with you.”

13. "I couldn't decide whether or not to make spiced apple cider, so I mulled it over."

14. "Always look on the bright cider life."

15. "Forever the apple of my pie."

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16. “If you need me, I’ll be right be-cider you.”

17. "If best friends were apples, I'd pick you."

18. "Orange you glad I didn’t use an apple pun?”

19. "It's just the tree of us."

20. "We have so much chemistree."

21. "I decided to branch out today.”

22. "We're outstanding in our field."

23. "Having some qualitree time with my besties."

24. "Hey apple, way to grow!”

25. "I’m only picking the apples that are red-ily available.”

26. "Apples: Stop picking on me. Me: Stop being so tasty.”

27. "I'm one bad apple."

28. "Felt cute. Might fall for you later.”

29. "We might be apples and oranges, but we make a pretty great pear."

30. "I'm red-y to go apple picking."

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