'The Bachelor' Episode 3 Promo Shows Krystal Will Bring Major Drama This Season

by Laura Rizzo

Week 2 of The Bachelor was... interesting. There is already so much drama, AND WE ARE ONLY ENTERING THE THIRD WEEK. While things are just getting started for Arie on his journey, the contestants arrived seemingly already salty and "not here to make friends." All of that aside, there are definitely some strong romantic connections forming. If you're not already totally sucked in by this season, The Bachelor Episode 3 promo will leave you wanting more.

The promo at the end of each episode is always a little hard to decipher because it flashes by so fast. The big takeaways are there will be a lot more kissing, plenty of wine, many more unbelievable dates, and a few more fights — mostly centered around Krystal.

Krystal, the health and fitness guru who is constantly smiling, was gifted a very special one-on-one date this week. She and Arie hopped in a private jet and headed to Arizona for a very personal and intimate outing. Not so much "intimate" in the romantic way, but Krystal got a good slice of Arie's life outside the show. Besides getting to see Arie's house, his car, and old high school, she actually got to meet his parents. Meeting the parents during Week 2 is totally unprecedented in The Bachelor world. The entire date put a rose-shaped target on Krystal's back.

However, looking at the promo for next week, it doesn't look like she needed the date to do that.

Krystal secured a lot of enemies during this week's episode. Despite having a rose from her magical one-on-one date during the rose ceremony, Krystal asked Arie if she could, "steal him for a sec," not once, but two times. Honestly, so rude.

The second time Krystal interrupted, she did it to the wrong girl — Bibiana. This Miami-native was not afraid to speak her mind and she put Krystal right back in her place. It was kind of amazing — Krystal came out and asked to steal Arie and Bibiana clapped back and said no. Arie and Bibiana did get to finish their conversation, but it was definitely shortened because of Krystal — which Bibiana found unacceptable.

When Krystal came to sit with the rest of the girls, Bibiana pointed out that she must have some "big balls" to come by after the antics she pulled. Bibiana then (super eloquently) expressed basically what everyone else was thinking — that Krystal was being really inconsiderate snatching Arie aside twice when she already had a rose. Keep in mind — I did not say "super eloquently" sarcastically; I thought Bibiana pretty much summed up what everyone was thinking. Fans on Twitter were rallying for Bibiana.

Krystal tried to explain that she was trying to check on Bibiana to see if she got any time, and Bibiana responded, "You need to check yourself first before you try to check on other people." Dayumm. Obviously, I was a little disappointed that Bibiana didn't end that phrase with, "before you wreck yourself." Oh well, she probably made a better point.

However, it wasn't all a Krystal-bashing sesh on Twitter. Some people are Team Krystal and thought Bibiana should've backed off.

This is some next-level Bachelor drama, and it will definitely continue in the coming weeks.

The commercial for next week teased a lot more tension between Bibiana and Krystal. The best part? Krystal seems relatively unbothered by the whole thing. Even though she was awkwardly standing next to Bibiana during the rose ceremony (this was a producers doing for sure), she was still all smiles. During her one-on-one interview, she was waving around her rose and talking about how happy she was. We'll see if that lasts... it's only the end of Week 2.

I had my doubts, but this season is shaping up to be incredible. I seriously cannot wait to see what happens next week.

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