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The BABE Wine x Bumble Contest Is Here To Move New Singles Out & On

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An extremely awkward situation to deal with is quarantining with your partner and it's not at all as dreamy and romantic as you thought it'd be. You've decided you want out. The only issue? Well, it's quarantine, and breaking up and moving out is trickier now more than ever. Let the "BABE x Bumble Movers" sweepstakes come to the rescue. They're ready to get your boxes packed and out of your apartment so you can not only move out, but hopefully move on.

The two companies know this year hasn't gone according to plan, so they're trying to bring some much-needed relief to people who are newly singles across the country. Granted, you'll still have to break the tough news to your ex, who you may have broken up with months ago, or yesterday, but have still been living with thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. But soon after, you'll be able to sit back and drink some wine, knowing that your belongings are in good hands.

Long story short: You'll be blissfully entering the next chapter, thanks to BABE Wine and Bumble, the dating app that's ready to hook you up with a new SO whenever you're ready to jump back into the dating pool. With a glass of rosé in your hand, you'll pull out of your apartment, and never look back. Here are the details on how to enter this contest so you can potentially score this sweet detail if you are newly single.


The Instagram contest begins on Thursday, July 30 and runs through Thursday, August 6, 2020. Within this time period, all you need to do is head to the corresponding post on BABE's Instagram account and tag yourself or someone you know who is newly single. The tag in BABE's comments section will complete your entry. (BABE Wine's Instagram username is @drinkbabe.)

From there, five winners will be chosen from the comments section. The official rules for the contest state that these winners will be contacted via direct message, and will have 48 hours to claim their prize. To be eligible to win, you must have a public Instagram account, and be 21 years or older. That's because this contest comes with so much more than a move-out crew.

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According to the official rules, if you're in a select number of states, then you'll be receiving a $600 pre-paid card to be used for moving expenses, a $100 credit to BABE Wine that can be redeemed online, a cute Bumble hat, tote, keychain, and a BABE Wine tote, pack of straws, two adorable koozies, and a pop socket. Some of the states included under this prize deal include Colorado, Florida, Hawaii, New York, and South Dakota. (A full list can be found at the official rules page under "Prize Details.")

If you're located in a select number of other states, including California, Arizona, Kentucky, Illinois, Ohio, and Texas — among others — the prize you receive will be the same items. The one caveat is you must use the $100 credit for BABE products instead of wine. Alcohol is not included in this prize, but you can always toast to your new place with your roommates and not your ex, on your own.