A young Black woman smiles and hangs out with her friends while holding a glass of rosé.

These Insta Captions For Wine Tastings Are Made For Rosé Summer Days

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This summer, you may be taking advantage of working from home and getting started on your happy hours right at 5 p.m. After signing off for the day, you may be pulling out your favorite rosé and hosting virtual tasting with your BFFs. For those occasions, you need Instagram captions for wine tastings and your rosé summer days.

Of course, these aren't the only occasions you're whipping out a pack of goat cheese for. On the weekends, you and your BFFs might be heading to wineries where they're hosting outdoor tastings. You may be listening to the winemakers talk about the hefty process and passion behind their new cabernet, or playing board games in the summer heat. In those moments, you swear you feel like you're one of the songs off of Taylor Swift's new album, folklore. You can imagine yourself being in the song "august," and hum the lines while soaking in the grapes and bliss.

Per usual, it's only right that you capture this bliss for the 'gram so the world can see what you're sipping and how you're choosing to drink your wine — whether that be at home or safely at a winery. Here are a ton of captions that'll perfectly describe those rosé summer days.

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1. "Just tasting this year's rosé. How about you?"

2. "Sipping on sunshine and lots of wine."

3. "I'm choosing to look at the world through rosé-colored glasses."

4. "I'm so outdoorsy. I taste wine on my patio."

5. "Summer is as fine as an aged wine."

6. "First, we taste wine. Then, we make s'mores."

7. "Starting this weekend off with a wine tasting."

8. "When the clocks strikes five, we break out the wine."

9. "I'm determined to taste a new wine every week."

10. "At this point, wine should sponsor me."

11. "Should I start an Instagram account where I rate wines?"

12. "Good friends taste wine together."

13. "Grape times begin with you."

14. "Is there wine where you are?"

15. "I've never tasted a wine I didn't like."

16. "It's never good to keep things bottled up."

17. "Uncork, unwind, and drink some fine wine."

18. "I swear it's always sunny at the winery."

19. "Rosé is just summer in a glass, and I stand by that."

20. "Nothing but blue skies and wine."

21. "How to host a wine tasting: get wine, taste it."

22. "10/10. Would highly recommend this wine to a friend."

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23. "Wine stains on my glass means I went to a virtual wine tasting."

24. "You bring the sunshine, I'll bring the wine."

25. "I learned a lot about wine today, and now I love it even more."

26. "I'm ready for another virtual wine tasting when you are."

27. "Some people like to make waves. They like to make wine."

28. "You're always one sip away from your new favorite wine."

29. "Would I like to always be drinking wine in the summertime? Yes."

30. "Tuning into another tasting."

31. "Cheers to these rosé summer days."

32. "I have a lot in common with rosé. We both go well with summer."

33. "These are the days and wines I'll never forget."

34. "Watch out. Summer and wine lovers up ahead."