A young Asian woman sips on a green smoothie after a workout, while sitting on a yoga mat.

34 Insta Captions For Green Smoothies & Kale-ing It On The 'Gram

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The first time you had a green smoothie, you may have been hesitant to reach for the straw and take a sip. You may have thought, "Kale...in liquid form? No, thanks," before finally giving the cactus-colored mixture a try and seeing what the hype is all about. Now, you're blending frozen slices of banana, spinach, vanilla yogurt, and avocado on the reg and in need of some Instagram captions for green smoothies.

You're basically the official spokesperson for green smoothies and try to encourage every one of your followers to make a drink that'll make them say, "Oh, kale yeah!" You share your recipes in your stories with a picture of your finished product perfectly sitting on your counter. You go live on Facebook and Instagram when you're whipping up your go-to afternoon snack, and zoom in on your bamboo straw the moment it's dipped in the earthy concoction. Of course, as the self-proclaimed spokesperson, you'll field questions sometimes from your audience such as, "What greens do you add into your smoothies other than spinach or kale?" and "Doesn't it taste a little leafy?"

Truth be told, thanks to the other ingredients you toss in — like cubes of frozen mango or flavored protein powder — that's not the case. Each sip is usually a burst of fruit and deliciousness for your tastebuds that keeps you coming back for more. These cute and clever Instagram captions for green smoothies will capture that magic and ensure you're always kale-ing it on social media.

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1. "A green smoothie a day keeps the bad vibes away."

2. "Feeling good whenever I'm sipping on a green smoothie."

3. "A green smoothie? After a workout? Groundbreaking."

4. "Green smoothies and me are mint to be."

5. "A good workout ends with a green smoothie."

6. "Not a day goes by where I don't make a green smoothie."

7. "This smoothie is *literally* my favorite color."

8. "Dear, green smoothies. I'll always love you."

9. "Thank goodness green smoothies exist."

10. "I bet you can guess the ingredients in this smoothie."

11. "You're everything I've avo wanted."

12. "A smoothie talker in their natural habitat."

13. "I swear this green smoothie has a scoop of magic in it."

14. "Don't doubt the power and flavor of a green smoothie."

15. "Green smoothies really caught me off guard. I wasn't expecting to love them this much."

16. "The prettiest smoothie you'll ever see."

17. "I've never met a green smoothie I didn't like."

18. "Be right back. Going green."

19. "I'll call this smoothie 'The Green Machine.'"

20. "Trying green smoothies everywhere I go."

21. "Nothing but blue skies and green smoothies."

22. "Sorry about the mess. I was making a green smoothie."

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23. "A snack that tastes like a garden, but in a good way."

24. "If summer was a smoothie, it would be this one."

25. "Gimme another green smoothie."

26. "Enjoy all the green things."

27. "This recipe isn't complete without a reusable straw."

28. "Whip up something green today."

29. "Sip, sip, hooray!"

30. "I wish you could taste this picture."

31. "Making colorful afternoon snacks is my jam."

32. "My blender is my bestie."

33. "Don't kale my vibe."

34. "More self love and green smoothies, please!"