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The Amount Of Sleep You Need To Function, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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As I type this right now, I'm feeling the repercussions of not getting a good enough night's sleep. I've got dry eyes, a mild headache, and that hollow feeling that lets me know I could have used at least one more hour of snoozing. This is why I feel the strong need to talk about the amount of sleep you need to function, according to your zodiac sign.

I know, I know, it's my own fault I didn't get enough sleep last night. But, what can I say? I was up late reading a novel that I couldn't put down, which is more than a valid enough excuse for me (and the fact that I'm a Gemini who knows everything about that night-owl lifestyle). To me, getting to the end of that book was more important than sleeping for a full eight hours. That's what it all comes down to, doesn't it? While every single sign in the zodiac needs plenty of sleep, only a few of them actually make that a priority. Some can't help but sleep less because their minds are so active and ready to go. Some would rather sleep more because they love how refreshed it makes them feel. Where do you fall on the spectrum of rested to restless?


Aries: 4 Or 5 Hours, With A Few Quick Naps During The Day

You're a starburst of energy no matter what. Even if you're running on only a few hours of sleep, you manage to amp yourself up and get the job done. And, if you're suffering, a quick 15-minute snooze will do the trick.

Taurus: 8 Hours Of Uninterrupted Sleep, Plus An Afternoon Nap

You look forward to sleep all day long because it's when you can truly relax and let your guard down. You love going to sleep early and you can't resist a long afternoon nap to rejuvenate before the night hits.

Gemini: 5 Or 6 Hours, Because You Stayed Up Too Late

It's not that you don't love sleep. In fact, you have a difficult time getting up in the morning. It's just that you tend to stay up way too late distracting yourself with social media and thinking lots of random thoughts.

Cancer: 8 Hours Of Sleep In Your Own Bed At Home

You're a bundle of sensitivities, which means that you require a solid amount of sleep. Not just any type of sleep — you need your own bed with your own bedsheets, pillows, and furry friend in order to truly relax.


Leo: 6 Or 7 Hours Of Sleep, Just Enough To Recharge

You may be an energized and lively presence, but that doesn't mean you don't require sleep after a long day's work. You need a decent amount of sleep, plus or minus an hour, in order to be your effervescent self.

Virgo: 5 Or 6 Hours, Because You're Worrying All Night

Your mind is always racing and picking apart details, so it doesn't take a lot of sleep to get your noggin going. While you'd probably like to sleep more, you're still satisfied with five or six hours if you need to get more work done.

Libra: 7 Hours, Enough To Prevent Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Sleep is your ritual. You've probably got your overnight cream, ambient sound speaker, and satin eye mask on deck. You require around seven hours in order for that ritual to complete or you'll be complaining tomorrow.

Scorpio: 8 Hours Of Sleep Or You're Cranky In The Morning

You're a dreamer through and through, which is why you love a long night of good sleep. However, sometimes your imagination is stimulated and you stay up all night. You eventually need a solid night's sleep in order to function.


Sagittarius: 6 Or 7 Hours Of Sleep So You Don't Miss Anything

You're an adventurer and you love spontaneous plans, which is why you're willing to forgo a few hours of sleep for the sake of the excitement of life. You don't want to be snoozing during all the good stuff.

Capricorn: 7 Hours So You Can Wake Up Early With Energy

You're a disciplined sleeper, which means that you've probably got a set bedtime and a strict alarm clock setting. You want to get enough sleep at a habitual time so that you're full of ambition and putting in a solid effort.

Aquarius: 5 Or 6 Hours Because You've Got A Lot Of Plans

You believe that if you snooze, you lose, and your schedule is so jam-packed with appointments that you probably couldn't sleep more, not even if you wanted to. You're always either up too late or up too early.

Pisces: 9 Or 10 Hours Of Sleep Or No Sleep At All

You either haven't slept in days or you've slept through the entire day. It's a toss-up, really. You're either sleeping like a baby or up all night like a hyper 2-year old. You don't control sleep; sleep controls you.

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