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No Early Birds Here — These Zodiac Signs Are Total Night Owls


Night owls are fascinating people. If a night owl is running on just a few hours of sleep, they'll still find ways to keep themselves entertained all evening long. Even if they've got somewhere important to be in the morning, a night owl loves the evening so much, they don't want to — or simply can't — sleep through it. Chances are, the people in their lives are constantly confused by their nocturnal ways because, truth be told, it's an exhausting way to live. But the zodiac signs who are night owls wouldn't have it any other way.

Speaking as someone who's always identified with the sleep schedule of a vampire, there's something so magical about the night that you just can't find during the day. When the rest of the world is asleep, there's so much peace. You can connect with your fellow night owls in your own little world and be free. No establishments are open, the world is quiet, and the stars are your company. Have I romanticized being a night owl enough yet? Probably not, because I haven't even mentioned that Vincent van Gogh once said: "It often seems to me that the night is much more alive and richly colored than the day," and I couldn't agree more.

Astrology has a lot to say about your energy levels, daily routine, and willingness to go against the grain. Those born with placements in Aries, Gemini, Virgo, or Pisces tend to function on a whole different level, thus making them that much more prone to being night owls. Here's why:


Aries: They've Got All The Energy To Pull An All-Nighter

Is it any surprise that Aries can keep themselves going even when they're exhausted? This zodiac sign is ruled by Mars — planet of power and aggression — and those born with Aries placements live for an adrenaline rush. They'll stay out all night long if it's entertaining enough. However, an Aries tends to forget that it's a marathon, not a sprint, so they're definitely prone to crashing when they take an all-nighter too far.

Gemini: So Many Thoughts Are Racing Through Their Mind

It's not that a Gemini wants to be a night owl — they just can't help it. The second their head hits a pillow, they start coming up with brilliant ideas, remembering things from their past, and then it's all downhill from there. They're reaching for their phone, web-surfing, hitting up fellow night owls, and before they know it, the sun is rising and they're no closer to sleep than they were all those hours ago.

Virgo: They're Overanalyzing Everything Instead Of Sleeping

A Virgo is the last person to forget about all the many tasks they still have to accomplish. Instead of spacing them out and giving themselves a break, they worry about how humanly impossible it is to get it all done. That's why it's so difficult for them to just "go to bed," because they're painfully aware of everything they still have to do. Chances are, they're this close to hopping out of bed to keep up the good work.

Pisces: They're Either Sleeping In Late Or Don't Sleep At All

No one has a more complicated sleep schedule than a Pisces. After all, this is the zodiac sign of dreaming and envisioning, which means they're just as capable of sleeping through the entire day as they are of abstaining from sleep altogether. Sometimes their imagination is so vivid, they can't help but stay awake and explore it to the furthest extent. A Pisces is such a night owl that they're too tired to even realize it.