Sarah Paulson in 'American Horror Story'

The 'AHS' Season 10 Poster Is Here & It's Full Of Hints About The New Theme


As spring turns to summer and summer fades to fall, many TV fans' favorite thing the cool weather brings is yet another season of Ryan Murphy's anthology series, American Horror Story. One of the most thrilling parts of being an AHS fan, other than maybe Evan Peters going shirtless, is finding out what the theme will be each year. That's why, on March 10, fans got the thrill of a lifetime when Murphy released the first America Horror Story season 10 poster on Instagram. With a pretty blatant motif, the reveal has the internet, ahem, overflowing with fan theories about what the season will bring.

From asylums to freak shows, murder houses and covens, each year, Murphy manages to shock and delight with yet another topic fans never see coming. Remember how it wasn't until episode six of Roanoke that viewers learned the season was actually about a reality show? Yeah, pretty much the whole world lost it with that big reveal.

For 2020, viewers already have a pretty solid idea of where things are going, since Murphy's post makes it pretty clear the 10-year anniversary season is somehow water-related.

Check it out for yourself and let the speculation begin:

Fans had their suspicions about the theme when Murphy revealed the Season 10 cast less than two weeks ago with a video on his Instagram. The grayscale clip of the ocean on what appeared to be a stormy night played in the background as the cast members' names were displayed in the classic American Horror Story font.

So, how are these two posts related? First, both the photo and video appear to feature a body of water, more specifically an ocean, in the background. The skies are stormy (or at least overcast), which is a big change from the mostly sunny, campy feel of 1984.

Reports hve come out that filming for Season 10 will take place in both Los Angeles, California, and Provincetown, Massachusetts. If this is true, a New England location could explain the dreary weather, the cold-looking ocean, and the formation of the seaside bluff the hands are crawling up in the poster.

Fans are also theorizing Orville Peck's song "Dead of Night" playing in the background of the cast announcement video could be an indication of the characters being stranded somewhere. For years, viewers have hoped to get a ghost ship or deserted island theme — and now it seem light it could finally happen. Other theories state the season will be about a cruise from hell or a pandemic (yikes), while multiple commenters on Murphy's Instagram insist there will be a supernatural component — so, could the hands in the poster belong to a mermaid, a monster, or even a zombie?

Fans will have to wait for the fall to find out what Murphy has up his sleeve for the tenth season of his Emmy-awarded anthology. Until then, viewers should have their eyes peeled and their feeds refreshed for more clues in the coming months.

American Horror Story Season 10 is expected to premiere in the fall of 2020 on FX.