An 'American Horror Story' Season 10 first look hints that water will be part of the theme for the n...

The 'AHS' Season 10 Teaser May Have Dropped Some Hints About The New Theme


American Horror Story fans finally got their first peek at the mysterious Season 10, which means it is time to start theorizing. It has become an annual tradition for the AHS fandom to try to piece together all the perplexing little clues showrunner Ryan Murphy dishes out about the upcoming season's theme, and now that the first official look at Season 10 has been shared, ideas are popping up, fast. Specifically, the imagery from the new clip has fans wondering if water will be the AHS Season 10 theme in some way, potentially centering the story on a shipwreck or a ghostly coastal town.

On Wednesday, Feb. 26, Murphy dropped the cast announcement for Season 10. The short video revealed many American Horror Story veterans will be returning for the new season, along with a surprising newcomer. The big news is that Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson will be back for Season 10 after sitting out of last year's AHS: 1984, which was the only time they were not in a season of the show. They'll be joined by Macaulay Culkin, marking his first time as a part of the show's cast. Rounding out the Season 10 cast is a list of AHS faves: Kathy Bates, Leslie Grossman, Billie Lourd, Adina Porter, Lily Rabe, Angelica Ross, and Finn Wittrock. Notably absent are two AHS standouts, as neither Emma Roberts nor Cody Fern were listed as being part of Season 10.

While the clip did not reveal the upcoming season's name or theme, it did feature a grayscale clip of waves hitting the beach beneath an overcast sky, while the melancholic Orville Peck song "Dead of Night" played. Since this is the first bit of imagery associated with the new season, fans began theorizing that Season 10 must be somehow connected to the beach, water, or the ocean.

Some of the theories popping up include guesses that Season 10 may center on a ghost ship, or maybe include sea monsters or a cruise. Or maybe the season will be set in an eerie coastal town with a dark secret. Some fans are also thinking that the new season will be set on a deserted island, potentially giving off the same mysterious vibes as Lost. TBH, the promo feels more like B-roll from Big Little Lies than anything related to AHS, so it seems like fans could get a season that is drastically different from the show's past themes.

The other aspect of the teaser that needs to be analyzed is the song choice. "Dead of Night" is a somber country song that served as Orville Peck's first single, released in 2017. The song's lyrics and music video tell the story of a man, now alone, reminiscing about the fun times he had with a partner years ago in Carson City.

There does not seem to be much to take from the song choice in regards to American Horror Story's new season, aside from the theme potentially being about a lost love or a location that characters cannot seem to leave. The latter guess may bolster the theory about an island-set season, but that's still a stretch as of right now.

Now that Murphy has begun teasing Season 10, fans should be on the lookout for more clues in the coming months. AHS Season 10 is expected to premiere in the fall of 2020.