'American Horror Story' Killed Off A Fan Favorite And We're All Pissed

by Anna Menta

Well, if this week's episode of "American Horror Story" has made anything clear, it's Ryan Murphy 100 percent does not care about our feelings.

I mean, I don't know why I thought he might. Maybe it's my fault for having too high of expectations.

After weeks and weeks of waiting and wondering, we finally got some Evan Peters last week... and then he was immediately killed off.

But it's OK because he's back as a different character this week! Wait, no, he's dead again. Fuck.

Now, if you saw last night's episode, you'll know it wasn't like anything we've seen so far in the season.

A while back, Ryan Murphy promised us a big twist in episode six, and he didn't disappoint.

"My Roanoke Nightmare," the true crime documentary within the TV show, is now over. We learn it was a huge hit, and the producers want to do a spinoff with both the reenactors and the interviewees.

The spinoff is a reality series called "Return to Roanoke," and the premise is the actors and the real people all go back to that crazy house for three nights during the blood moon.

Gee, what a great idea! Return to the house where everyone who lives there gets murdered, at the exact time when the murdering always happens!

So off everyone heads toward doom.

The real Shelby, Matt and Lee from the interviews are all still the same, but we get re-introduced to the reenactment characters as actors.

Kathy Bate's character — an actress named Mary Winstead — apparently got a little too invested in her role as the Butcher, so she's cray cray now.

Angela Bassett, who played Lee in the reenactments, is now an actress named Monet, who has a drinking problem.

Cuba Gooding Jr. is now Dominic Banks. Apparently he had an affair with the real Shelby Miller, so she and the real Matt aren't together any more.

Meanwhile, the fake Shelby Miller — aka Sarah Paulson — is an actress named Audrey Tindall, and she's married to Evan Peters, aka Edward Mott from the reenactments. Also, she's British.

And Evan Peters is a teenager named Rory.


You guys follow all that? Yeah, me either.

Well, more good news: We see within this "reality show" a note from the producers that everyone in the house died over the next three days. The reality show never aired, and this is just the "found footage."

(Gee, what a surprise! It's not like they were TOLD that would happen in the last documentary.)

And the first one to go? Evan Peters.

Yep, young Rory gets murdered by the scary nurse ghosts, and an "R" appears on the wall for the kill — ready to spell out "MURDER."

So... I guess Evan Peters really didn't want to be in this season, huh?

"AHS" fans definitely weren't happy they got cheated out of their favorite actor this year.

me: *waits for evan peters character for 5 episodes* evan peters: *dies within the first 10 minutes*#AHSRoanoke #AHS6 pic.twitter.com/MLg9mjYnoW — nick(@itsnickslife) October 13, 2016
waiting all season for Evan Peters just for him to get killed, come back as a different character, and get killed again #AHSRoanoke #ahs pic.twitter.com/rb6Up6l5rn — Meg Ienatsch (@MeganSinger13) October 20, 2016

And I wouldn't count on him coming back to life as a sexy gay ghost this time, either.

Let's just say I wouldn't be surprised if Evan Peters announces he won't be back for "AHS" season seven.