These best "You just had to be there" memes include a major dose of nostalgic TV shows.

This Meme That Includes Nods To 'Zoey 101' & 'Unfabulous' Will Make You Nostalgic AF

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Get ready for all the feels, because the latest memes to hit social media are serving up a heaping dose of nostalgia. Featuring shows, music, and more from the '90s to now, the Twitter trend has users posting nods to iconic Nickelodeon shows like Zoey 101 and Unfabulous, as well as K-Pop ~moments~ from groups like BTS and BLACKPINK. If you're ready to take a trip down memory lane, here are 24 of the best "You just had to be there" memes that will make you feel so seen.

Whether you're a millennial or part of Gen Z, there are plenty of "You just had to be there" memes that celebrate the nostalgic moments from your childhood up to more recent memories. Each meme features the same phrase — "You just had to be there" — that invokes the idea that not everyone will understand the hype of a specific moment in time. The memes also include photos of the fads, shows, and music that evoke major nostalgia. The meme appears to have begun in late February 2021, according to BuzzFeed, with users posting a slew of throwback-inspired memes.

Although there are plenty of variations on Twitter, you'll want to catch nods to the '90s and early '00s, including throwback toys like Furby, all the hair color changes the members of BTS have done over the years, and more references that'll bring out your inner kid. You could spend hours scrolling through "You just had to be there" memes on Twitter, but to save you time, here are some on-point iterations that will totally speak to you.

Many of the memes are celebrating TV shows like Rugrats, The Wild Thornberrys, and All That:

Or the ~iconic~ franchise Shrek in a meme that features NCT basically reenacting the photos:

People also shared the love for other shows of the 2000s and 2010s, like Zoey 101, Drake and Josh, and Unfabulous:

Others made memes about all the fads from the late '90s and early '00s:

People also pointed out the old school technology, which compared to today is pretty hilarious to look back on. Remember the OG "Club Penguin" and when instant messaging was all the rage?

There are plenty of music references in the memes, including fans showing BTS some love:

There are nods to other K-Pop groups like BLACKPINK and NCT Dream:

And then, of course, what would the world be without One Direction?

If you can't get enough of the sweet, sweet nostalgia, you can search for more "You just had to be there" memes to lighten up your day with niche memories you may have forgotten about.

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