These 20 best Valentine's Day 2020 memes that will make you feel so seen.

These Hilarious Valentine's Day Memes Are Relatable AF

Valery Sharifulin/TASS/Getty Images

Valentine's Day is here, so naturally, users on Twitter are making jokes about how the holiday goes down for them. The holiday devoted to loved ones means you can celebrate with anyone you choose. Whether you're self-partnered, have a significant other, or are spending some time with your BFFs, the 20 best Valentine's Day memes are so relatable, they're sure to make you laugh.

A lot of people are just getting in the holiday mood for the limited-edition foods, deals, and cute heart-shaped accoutrements. Because what other day of the year can you score a free heart-shaped doughtnut or pick up a heart-shaped pizza from your fave pizza spot? Everything is covered in pink and red colors, dripping with cuteness, so it's hard not to want to share the food (and the love) somehow, even if its just with your furry friends.

No matter where you are and how you're celebrating this Valentine's Day, it's really just another day. Celebrating yourself is one of the most important things you can do, and self-love is a fantastic way to get in on the holiday, for couples and non-couples alike.

Since the holiday is upon us, many users are joining in on the meme game and creating some funny memes about how they're going to celebrate. Couples, singles, and gal pals alike are getting in on the meme fun, and most of them are relatable AF.

Some people are even making some amazing dad jokes:

There are plenty of funny couples memes that show the hilarious differences a lot of couples have when they're spending the holiday together.

TBH, the meme'd-out Valentine's cards all over Twitter this year are the best:

Meanwhile, people celebrated Galentine's Day on Thursday, Feb. 13 with some real enthusiasm. Spending time with your BFFs is literally the best part of Valentine's Day weekend for so many people.