The 20 Best Bikinis Inspired By 'Too Hot To Handle,' All For Under $75


Too Hot to Handle, like any so-bad-it’s-good Netflix reality show, immediately blew up overnight. But I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch a bunch of hot people struggle with sexual tension for eight episodes straight? Personally, I watched all of Season 1 in two days and then spent the next day Insta-stalking all the contestants to figure out where they got my favorite outfits. For those like me, you may be wondering how to cop some cute bikinis like the ones from Too Hot To Handle.

THTH is truly the gift that keeps giving. With Harry proposing to Francesca over Zoom with a ring pop to Sharron and Rhonda breaking up, to Harry possibly dating Madison for months, there’s a lot to keep up with now that the show’s over. But since no one knows when the next Netflix reality show is coming up, it’s best not to look the gift horse in the mouth. As a treat, I have a little more THTH content to keep you going.

Whether you’re going to a gorgeous, beach-front resort in Mexico to spend your summer with 16 hot single people or you’re just hoping to tan in your backyard, a good bikini is a warm-weather necessity. Even if you won’t be spending every waking moment in your swimwear, unlike the THTH cast, you probably want a comfortable, go-to suit you can put on without too much thought — and of course, you want to look good in pics. These picks will get you going:

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Snake It Up

Nicole definitely knows how to make a first impression, although a snakeskin bikini definitely helps. Recently, snakeskin has taken over coats, boots, pants, and more, so naturally, bikinis should be next. This suit was a favorite with other girls, who borrowed the suit in later episodes, so it has the full house’s approval.

Cut It Out

If you were a SharRhonda fan throughout the show, you may have noticed Rhonda’s love of a middle cutout, a newer style that celebs like Kendall Jenner have begun wearing, too. This definitely isn’t a traditional bikini-top look, so you can try out this modern, original look with the bikinis above if you dare.

Like An Animal

Throughout the series, Chloe wears not one but two different cheetah print bikinis, so it looks like the animal print trend isn’t going anywhere. That’s definitely not a bad thing, because the neutral tones of cheetah print are especially amazing for making your tan pop.

Bermuda Triangle

There was no shortage of traditional triangle bikinis during THTH. A simple, neutral-colored string bikini will quickly become your best friend this summer. It’s easy to throw on for any bathing suit activity, and you can mix and match the set with your existing bikinis.


A middle cut-out was everywhere in THTH, but there are more subtle options than Rhonda’s preferred silhouette. The bikini Francesca and Nicole shared had a smaller peek-a-boo in the middle of its top, like the swimsuits above if you prefer a teensy bit more coverage.

T-Shirt Fit

Francesca’s t-shirt bikini with the plunging neckline is probably my favorite thing she did the entire series, considering all the money she lost. This style balances a sexier silhouette with a good amount of support. Not to mention, you could easily take this bikini top on a night out on the town. Who doesn’t love versatility?

Shake Your Pom-Poms

Although she got there late and wasn’t in the show very much, Madison had some scene-stealing bikinis. When she showed up in her pom-pom bikini, I knew exactly what my summer look was going to be. These options above have all the pomp and bounce of Madison’s.

Neon Lights

Neons are the most intense summer color, but if Chloe made one thing absolutely clear, it’s that the color family belongs poolside. When you’re rocking neon, you definitely don’t have to worry about getting lost in the waves or the crowd.

Strap In

Everyone wanted to wear Francesca’s black, bandeau bikini with the strappy band. The color makes this bikini easy to pair with any coverup, while the silhouette makes it more interesting than just a plain black bikini. The tank top-style straps also manage to keep you supported in a way smaller strings can’t.

Heavy Metal

OK, it wasn’t technically a bikini, but Chloe’s metallic one-piece was everything – even if Bryce didn’t “get it.” It was proof that one-pieces certainly aren’t boring — sometimes, they just need a little extra something to spice them up, and a cool fabric fits that bill. A metallic one-piece creates a perfect retro and futuristic moment, and it’ll look just as good on your Instagram as it looks reflecting by the pool.