Sharron from 'Too Hot To Handle'

Sharron & Rhonda Revealed Their Post-'Too Hot To Handle' Relationship Status


Sharron and Rhonda's Too Hot To Handle journey was enough to make even the biggest cynic believe in love. After a bumpy start, the couple somehow managed to forge a strong relationship on perhaps the most absurd dating show of all time. But while they left the retreat hand-in-hand, when the season released its virtual reunion episode, fans learned Sharron and Rhonda broke up after Too Hot To Handle. Let's take a moment to morn SharRhonda.

ICYMI, Sharron Townsend and Rhonda Paul seemed like one of the strongest couples to leave Too Hot To Handle. Although Sharron struggled with opening up at the start of the show, eventually he got close to Rhonda, and their couple status was locked in. Rhonda even introduced Sharron to her son via video chat on the show.

But when the Too Hot To Handle reunion dropped on Netflix on May 8, it was revealed their relationship did not last. When narrator-turned-host Desiree Burch asked Rhonda if she made a good decision in choosing Sharron on the show, the contestant got emotional almost immediately. "I would never take anything back, because I always see everything as a life lesson," Rhonda said. "Me and Sharron are amazing. We're friends."

Desiree definitely picked up on this "friend" comment. "It sounds like you didn't kind of walk off into the sunset together," she said, to which Sharron replied: "Unfortunately, yeah, we're not together, but I still hold her close to my heart. Like SharRhonda is still a thing. Like, we're not an official thing, but we're a thing."


On the bright side, the former couple took away lessons from the experience to help them in future relationships. "One of the biggest lessons I learned was that you can't move forward if you're still hanging onto the past," Sharron explained. "I also learned that showing emotion doesn't make you weak."

Then, Rhonda got teary reminiscing on her time with Sharron. "The experience with me and Sharron is like an amazing one, so it's like, no one will ever take that away from us, whether we're together or not," she said. "I wish I could go back and kind of capture some of those moments again, but it's like, I'm just going to make new ones from here."

When Desiree asked them about their future, Rhonda confirmed they weren't together, but Sharron jokingly said "the spark is still there," adding: "I wish the best for her." So although they're not dating, at least there's no bad blood.

The Too Hot To Handle reunion is now on Netflix.