The best Baby Nut memes on Twitter right now will have you dying.

These Hilarious Baby Nut Memes Give Baby Yoda Some Serious Competition

Mr. Peanut came back to life as a baby in the Planters Super Bowl commercial, and people have been tweeting about him since. While some fans are in love with the cute little peanut, others aren't so sure about him. Take a look at the 20 best Baby Nut memes, and then decide if you're Team Baby Nut or Team Baby Yoda.

ICYMI, the Planters Super Bowl commercial followed up on Mr. Peanut's demise with a funeral that included the likes of the Kool-Aid man — but Mr. Peanut wasn't quite done with the world. After a single tear from the Kool-Aid Man fell on his grave, Mr. Peanut sprouted up out of the ground and was reborn as Baby Nut. Viewers heard the familiar voice of Mr. Peanut say, "Just kidding; I'm back." And in downright peanut-y fashion, he asked where his monocle was.

It was a lot to take in, but the cute Baby Nut has an endearing quality. When the commercial first aired on Sunday, Feb. 2, Baby Nut immediately began trending on Twitter and drew comparisons to the likes of Baby Yoda and Baby Groot. Now that the world has had a bit more time to process the ordeal, fans are expressing their feelings with memes.

Baby Yoda versus Baby Nut is not the fight anyone was prepared for:

Some people combined the magic of Baby Yoda and Baby Nut.

Some people just want to have fun with their Baby Nut memes:

Baby Nut reimagined as Baby Shark might be one of the best memes yet:

Others are trying to analyze the situation with a meme:

TBH, there are two sides to the meme tale, but there are definitely some people who are not here for Baby Nut.

Right after the commercial aired, there were several Twitter accounts created specifically for loving or hating on the Baby Nut. If Baby Yoda memes haven't truly gone away yet, one can only guess how long everyone will be talking about Baby Nut.