This Baby Nut Merch from Planters includes gifts for the whole family.

You Can Show Off Your Peanut Pride With Baby Nut Clothes & Gifts

by Daffany Chan

Fans are going wild for Baby Nut, who, just days after news of Mr. Peanut's death, was unveiled to the world during Planters' Super Bowl commercial. You can show off your love of the most adorable little nugget with exciting new swag. Check out this Baby Nut merch from Planters to show off your peanut pride this season.

You can shop for your branded merch on the Baby Nut store website. You'll find a whole selection of awesome themed gear for everyone in the family. Some standouts include the Baby Nut Unisex Fleece, which costs $34. The soft, plush sweater is perfect for everyday wear, whether you're hitting the gym or heading to class. You can pair the fleece with the Baby Nut Laid-Back Dad Hat, which costs $24.

If you're looking for a fun last-minute Valentine's Day gift, I'd recommend checking out the Baby Nut Hero Phone Case, which costs $15. The phone case fits various generations of the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy, so just select which model you have when ordering. Another great gift is the Game Day Pint Set, which costs $30. The set includes two durable glass pints featuring Baby Nut that you can use during future football viewing parties next season. There are also crew socks, canvas totes, Baby Nut plushies, and more available on the online store, so make sure to browse through all the goodies before making your final selection.


Planters' Super Bowl ad shared Baby Nut's birth story in what began as a grim tale. The scene showed mourners saying goodbye to Mr. Peanut during his funeral, but once a tear from the Kool-Aid man hit Peanut's grave, everything changed.

Sunshine began to appear and a plant began sprouting, revealing Baby Nut. The little peanut immediately won over fans with its huge fawning eyes and small stature. Though at first it only made dolphin noises, it eventually said, "Just kidding, I'm back," revealing that Baby Nut is actually the old Mr. Peanut reborn. That means fans can celebrate both the OG Peanut and the new mascot with Baby Nut merch.